Taupo is located on the shores of Australiasia's largest freshwater lake - Lake Taupo. Taupo is located pretty much smack bang in the middle of New Zealands North Island (if you ignore the massive Northland peninsula that is!). As far as Taupo activities you'll find heaps of attractions in Taupo, with several of them being on the enormous Lake (it's got a surface area of 616 square kilometres!). If you're on a very strict budget and are not sure what to do in Taupo take a read of 'free or cheap things to do in Taupo'.

Must Do Taupo Activities

1. Skydive

The ultimate adrenaline rush of your life with the most spectacular views of Lake Taupo. Jumping out of a plane at 12,000ft – 15,000ft is another kind of crazy... my best ever experience in life so far. Skydive Taupo - Seriously no excuses. Do it!!!

Skydive Taupo


2. Huka Falls Jet

Huka Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Taupo. You can walk to the Falls from town and it'll take you only about 30 minutes. But if you want to see the Huka Falls up close then come feel the power of the Huka falls jet... 2 Supercharged V6 Buick engines, 520bhp, 800 litres of water pumped through every second.

Huka Falls Jet is where it’s at!

Huka Falls Jet


3. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The most famous of all New Zealands one day hikes is easily accessed from Taupo! Most visitors  will take the hike through this beautiful national park when visiting New Zealand. At the top you will find luminous Green and Blue Lakes. Don't forget to tackle Mt Doom from the Lord of the Rings! It's a hard one - 2 hours to the top and just 20 minutes coming down! Frodo did it so you maybe can too! Only one way to find out.

Tongariro Crossing - A Must Do Taupo Activity


4. Taupo Bungy

Experience NZ’s highest water touch bungy!! 47m, suspended out over a stunning gorge bound to take your breath away! If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away then the idea of doing the bungy just might! Beautiful views and a great way to warm up for the Nevis in Queenstown. If you're keen to spice it up a bit - try a backflip!

Check out our guide to Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

Taupo Bungy


5. Rafting

Let Tongariro River Rafting take you on a once in a lifetime Rafting experience through some famous New Zealand wilderness territory! Experience over 50 roller coaster rapids and the thrill of your life!

6. Visit some Maori Rock Carvings

There are several ways to go and see the Maori Rock Carvings located at Mine Bay. They're only accessible by water, so either choose one of the scenic cruises, take a kayak tour or if you really want to splash out then go on a scenic flight by helicopter or float plane. The views of the rock carving are better by boat or kayak, but with a flight you get to see incredible views of the lake and mountains as well.

I recommend a sunset cruise with Sail Barbary - on board you can relax with the brilliant barbs crew and enjoy the views from this beauitful yacht. Take your own food and a few bevvies on board and let the relaxation begin!

See the Rock Carvings with Sail Barbary


7. Hire a Mountain bike

You're spoiled for choice when it comes to incredible biking trails in and around Taupo. The Great Lake Trail is a 71km trail taking you to places you're unlikely to see otherwise. But don't worry, they don't expect you to do the full 71km in one go. You can actually get boat transfers between different sections. This is a highly recommended Taupo attraction! Find out more about the Great Lake Trail.

If you fancy something a little easier then you can cycle (or walk) the Lions Walk. It's 12.7km and takes you beside the lake from the Taupo Boat Harbour as far as Five Mile Bay. Ask the staff at your accommodation for information on the numerous biking trails available.

Cycle around Taupo Lake and see sunsets like this!


8. Craters of The Moon

One of the Taupo attractions that you absolutely cannot miss out on. It's cheap to go on the Craters of The Moon walkway and you'll see an eerie landscape with bubbling craters and steaming vents. Make sure you do the full walk to check out the views.

Craters of The Moon

Thajsko [CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

9. Spa Thermal Park

DON'T PAY TO BATHE!!! We have some amazing free natural thermal pools for you to enjoy! Otumuheke Stream is only a short walk, drive or even bike ride away. Don’t forget drinks and snacks as once you’re in you won’t ever want to get out.

Otumuheke Stream Spa Thermal Park


10. Hole in One Taupo

If you don't play golf this might sound a bit dull to begin with, but actually you're trying to get your golf ball into a hole on a platform on the lake. If you do it you can win $10,000!!! Well worth a try surely?

Get a Hole in One, Win $10,000


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