Are you a wanderlust traveller who wants to kick-start or create a foundation to build a career in travel?

At Base we have a range of employment options from full-time or casual to the our unique Nomadic Live-in’ program that let’s you live the life the way you want!

If you’ve got experience in sales, customer service, hospitality or house-keeping we want to hear from you!


Working for Base isn’t a real job it’s a lifestyle, we are on a mission to create extraordinary experiences for our customers and our tribe.

Before you apply ask yourself

Do I love having fun, travel and adventure?

Do I work hard and play hard?

If you said “YES” we want to hear from you, so match your skills & experience with the right job and apply today!

Nomadic Live-in’

We’ve listened to our tribe of Aussie & International staff members, and in response to their feedback we’ve created a program that supports the ultimate nomadic work and travel lifestyle.

Live-In’ is a lifestyle choice a chance to join the Base community and engrain yourself in the social fabric of the hostel experience.

We invite people with the right skills & experience to work in advertised hostel jobs get paid, stay and eat at our onsite bars & restaurants. You’ll live with your teammates, socialise and explore the idyllic city or town your working in with the rest of your tribe!

You’ll be able to access our internal jobs board and apply for work in any location within the network of 26 hostels so you can continue to explore Australia & New Zealand.

You’ll have access to participate in staff events, get together and adhoc rewards for outstanding delivery of our mission to create extraordinary experiences for our customers.

We know this isn’t for everyone but we offer it as a choice for our tribe to learn, explore and connect.

Once you’ve been offered a chance to join the tribe ask your Manager if there are Nomadic Live-In beds available.

Send us your CV and tell us why you want to join the Base Tribe!

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