Base Backpackers, Base, X Base...

Why the X logo?

Do you remember as a kid seeing those treasure maps?

The maps explorers, adventurers, pirates and the like would use! Invariably they require the bearer to cross oceans, traverse vast lands and climb mountains on an epic adventure, the destination marked by a red X... 'X marks the spot.'

If you're reading this in one of our hostels or on our website, you've become that adventurer. You have crossed, or will soon cross the oceans, travelled through and around vast countries in search of whatever it is you hope to gain from your trip.

While you didn't travel all this way to stay at Base, we do hope that you'll find base a great place to stay, run by like minded people and in an environment where you'll feel at home.

In this respect our 'X' does mark the spot where you'll find what you're looking for in a truly great hostel experience.

We never intended the X to be part of our name but it seems that travelers have decided that X Base was just as cool as just Base or Base Backpackers, we don't mind, whatever leads backpackers from around the world to our hostels works for us!

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