Taupo sits on the edge of Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake. The Waikato River, which is New Zealand's longest river, goes through the lake and is also home to one of Taupo's, and New Zealand's, bucket list attractions – Huka Falls. 

The Waikato River is stunning: tall cliff faces, birdlife, lush native bush and, of course, the white waters of Huka Falls itself. The spectacle of Huka Falls occurs because the river, which is normally around 100 metres wide, narrows to just 20 metres wide. At this point, where all the water has gathered, it flows over a 20 metre drop. 220,000 litres of water a second travel through the gorge and over the drop! That's enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool in just over 10 seconds!

Huka Falls


Huka Falls Jet

A great way to experience Taupo's little touch of paradise is by Huka Falls Jet. These boats will have your hearts racing as you make your way to the base of Huka Falls at 80 km/h. Expect 360 degree spins as you zoom past the Huka Prawn Park, the Wairakei Geo-Thermal Power Station and the Aratiatia Dam.

The jetboating experience lasts for 30 minutes and will leave you wet (just a little) and buzzing for the rest of the day! Whether you are short on time or keen for a little adrenalin rush, Huka Falls Jet is a great way to see one of Taupo's most popular attractions with a touch of adrenalin thrown in!

How to Get to Huka Falls

On a nice day we recommend walking or cycling to Huka Falls. Give yourself about an hour and a half to leisurely walk there from the centre of town going through Spa Thermal Park. You'll walk past Taupo Bungy and the popular swimming spot at Otumuheke Stream on the way. Make a day of it and stop at the stream on the way back to go for a dip in the natural hot springs under the bridge.

Map to Huka Falls


Main Image: Thajsko [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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