Do you have an intense love for adventure activities?! Well, New Zealand has a myriad of choices for excitement. On my recent visit to New Zealand I explored my limitations. Here is a list of a few irresistible adventure activities you should try.

1. Bungy Jumping

You may have tried bungy jumping (AKA Bungee) before but not like the ones you can do in New Zealand. This country is known as the home of bungy. It  first started commercially in 1980 and since then more and more people have come to test their limits.

There are several places great for bungy jumping in New Zealand. The highest of them is the Nevis Bungy in Queenstown which offers an incredible plunge of 134m. Or you could do the Nevis Swing instead (or as well). Auckland Harbour Bridge is also a popular spot amongst tourists who may not be brave enough to do such a high bungy jump!

Another popular spot is Taupo Bungy in the Central North Island. It is 47m above the river Waikato; the real excitement lies in dunking into the river. This is the highest water touch bungy you can do in NZ.

Nevis Swing & Bungy Queenstown


2. Jet Boating

Passing through narrow river gorges and just missing sheer rocks on the way is indeed an extreme adventure. In a jet boat you can have the most exhilarating experience in New Zealand.

There are several places to go jetboating in New Zealand, with Queenstown being one of the most popular locations. Queenstown is not just rich in stunning landscape but also has wild rivers that will make your trip a life time experience.

A ride on the mystical Whanganui River is also a must-to-do. Surrounded by rugged features and steep, sloping cliffs all make this a thrilling and beautiful boat ride.

Or feel the power of water in the Waikato River. The longest river in the country is extremely rapid! So, if you want to check how brave you are, this is the place. Packed with lot of bumps and jumps.

Shotover Jet Queenstown

Main Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ from Christchurch, New Zealand [CC0], via Wikimedia CommonsMain Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ from Christchurch, New Zealand [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

3. River Rafting

If you don't fancy jet boating then why not try some white water river rafting. The mountainous terrains of New Zealand create rough ways for river, making them fast and challenging for rafting. The rivers have been graded from 1 to 5, from slow to fast. For those trying it for the first time don't worry, the trips are led by highly qualified rafting guides.

The most famous spot in the North Island for river rafting is in Rotorua. The Tongariro River of Lake Taupo has three levels of white water, grade ranging from 2 to 4. Wairoa River has great rapids, so buckle up tight to have true adventure in water.

White Water Rafting New Zealand


4. Skydiving

Skydiving is certainly scary, but it's one of the most amazing experiences to freefall from a plane. Not only that but you get to see the stunning landscape of New Zealand from above. The country is rich in stunning landscapes, therefore there are plenty of incredible skydiving locations.

Queenstown and Wanaka are very popular places for their top views of lovely lakes surrounded with snow capped mountains. Lake Taupo owns the largest drop zone commercially. The beautiful view of lakes, forests and the volcanoes is simply breathtaking, no wonder why it is the most sought after.

On the other hand, skydiving in Auckland gives you the chance to see both coasts at the same time over the black sand beaches of the West Coast. Simply, breathtaking!

Skydive Taupo


5. Zip Lining

Invented out of necessity, zip lining is now a fun activity in New Zealand. Flying with super speed above lush green forest, rivers and endless deep canyons is so much fun. You could never explore the native forest of the country in the best way until you go for a zip lining tour in Rotorua. Passing through the forest and watching native birds is a completely unique experience.

Queenstown’s stunning view while doing a zip lining tour is a treat for the eyes. Move your body anyway you want and grab the ultimate view of the nature.



6. Off Road Driving

The experience of driving off-road in New Zealand varies completely according to your location in the country. This is exactly what makes this activity popular among enthusiastic tourists. Pick any ride you want, chauffeur-driven safari, quad bike, or a self-driven scooter. Traverse through sand dunes on beaches, alpines, dirt roads or simply on the road can be a blast. Just find a tour and grab the best scenic beauty of nature.

Off Road Driving


7. Caves

The Waitomo Caves in the Waikato region are magical. You can float through the cave, also known as black water rafting, jumping into pools, occasionally doing a bit of climbing or even abseiling depending on which tour you take, all whilst taking in the amazing glow worms hanging from the ceiling.

There are other interesting caves in South Island, such as in Nelson, West Coast and Fiordland to explore, that will give equally thrilling experience. Hardwood’s Hole in Nelson region is a major attraction among the tourists. Why? It is 180m deep and the deepest in the southern hemisphere!

8. Canyoning

If there is any sport or activity which requires you to use all your body parts, then canyoning could be the one. From climbing to sliding, scrambling to swimming, jumping to abseiling, it requires all kinds of skills. You will definitely get wet during the action, but you'll be given a tough wetsuit to keep your body warm and to protect from sharp rocks.

There are fantastic places to go canyoning all over New Zealand with Queenstown and the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland being the most popular.

Canyoning in Piha Auckland


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