Abseil, Jump, Swim, Slide and Climb through waterfalls, pools and volcanic rock! Most younger travellers (and many older ones too) sees themself as an 'adventurer' - AWOL Canyoning Adventures in Auckland will put you to the test with one of the best adventure activities in New Zealand!

Thanks to Base Backpackers, I am embarking on a two month New Zealand journey to experience the travelling life along with all of the adrenalin fuelled activities that NZ is famous for - here is how amazing this particular experience was...

What is Canyoning? For those of you confused about the term 'canyoning' - as I was - canyoning is a term used to group a number of sports together in the art of exploring; abseiling, rope work, technical jumps & swims - just to name a few!

Canyoning in Piha

Piha is a popular beach side community near Auckland favoured by locals and home to the Waitakere Ranges Rainforest - a perfect spot for Canyoning.

Imagine yourself...

  • In a helmet
  • In a full body wetsuit
  • In the subtropical rainforest of New Zealand in the middle of summer (did I mention that you're in a full body wet suit?)
  • Walking along the creek which can only lead to the tips of a waterfall
  • Scooping as much creek water into your mouth as possible because you are so hungover (the experienced guide's claims that the water is the purest you will ever taste do not play a factor in your decision what so ever - in this particular scenario you'd drink goat's milk if you had the chance)
  • Being strapped in at the top of a scary looking waterfall
  • Leaning back on the edge of a rock and descending down the scary looking waterfall
  • Trying to remember how to breathe as the scary looking water fall splashes water all over your face
  • Reaching the bottom (finally) with a welcoming cheer from the others in your group
  • With a new found sense of confidence, tackling the rest of the caves, rope walks, cliff jumps and technical manoeuvres that have your body twisting in ways you did not think imaginable
  • Content that you have learned quite a lot about New Zealand's flora and fauna
  • Taking a scenic route along the Piha coastline as you venture back to Auckland - proud and certain that you deserve a beer (again).

Tours depart from Auckland and offer various skill levels. Definitely a day tour not to be missed!

Here's a little taste of what you'll be letting yourself in for.

You should also visit Piha beach. Not only is the walk to the beach beautiful but you'll experience one of the black sand beaches found on the West Coast of New Zealand. I strongly recommend keeping your thongs (flip flops) on, as black sand is even hotter than white or yellow and will burn the soles of your feet!

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