So you've been travelling for a while now? You've found comfort and freedom in the idea of living out of your backpack. You've made friends from across the globe and you feel like you can achieve ANYTHING! Chances are, you are what we like to call a 'Backpacker' - here's the test, how many of these apply to you?

10 Signs You're a Backpacker!

1. Your permanent address is your parent's house

2. You've slept with more nationalities than countries you've visited

3. You'll do anything to save money on transport and have an extra stash for alcohol (double points for all of the Goon drinkers out there)

4. You can swear in 4 different languages

5. You love free stuff a little more than the average person

6. You use the sniff test to determine the cleanliness of your clothing

7. You have quite a collection of 'special' things that you carry with you - each from a different country or person you've met along the way. You value these more than money

8. You're a pro at packing light

9. You feel closer to people you've met travelling than some of your friends at home that you have had for a lifetime

10. You have a desire to continue exploring the strange, the new and the unknown

If 8 or more of these statements applies to you then you should probably keep on travelling, because you are a backpacker and there's nothing you can do about it!

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