An 'addiction' is defined as a state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. For many of us this happens if we stop travelling, proving that we may in fact be addicted to travel.

Here at Base we love to travel. In fact, that's how we came up with the idea of the 'X' logo. The 'X' representing those destinations on the treasure map worth adventuring for. We all remember growing up... reading, seeing and hearing stories of pirates and explorers 'Sailing the Seven Seas' and 'Climbing the Highest Peaks' in search for treasure... urging us to leave the normality of life behind, jump on a plane and brace ourselves for the new and unknown. That 'Peterpan' mentality has never left us.

Are we born with a craving to travel?

Is it a craving that we are inherently born with? Or something we attain through learning as we grow old - international news, photos from afar, books, films and stories?

And is it a craving that can ultimately be fulfilled? Will the constant flow of questions from family and friends ever come to an end? Will we venture closer to peace and gratification as the passport stamps continue to accumulate? Or is a never-ending life on the road something we have to accept to deter 'cessation' and hence, trauma?

And the catch 22 of this predicament is, the fact that we will never uncover the real answer to this question unless we continue to cross borders. But how many borders need to be crossed. It's a road we are willing to explore, and if you share the 21 symptoms listed below... chances are you will too!

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21 Signs You're Addicted to Travel

1. You hate the question "where are you from?" as you find it hard to define your existence to just one place.

2. Staying in the one town or city for more than 3 months makes you anxious.

3. You rarely say "No" to things.

4. Going 'home' is a vacation from travelling.

5. You prefer to spend your money on experiences than material things.

6. You don't take sick days at work because you would prefer to save them for trips away.

7. Thinking about the countries you have yet to visit makes you feel sick in the stomach.

8. You don't have a Bucket List because you prefer to travel spontaneously.

9. You work purely to fund your next adventure.

10. The idea of having friends join you for the ride excites you but you will never rely on a friend to plan your travels.

11. If you hear the word 'baby' or 'wedding' one more time you might just vomit.

12. Your friends and family tend to refer to you as 'impulsive'.

13. It's not uncommon for you to plan your next trip whilst on your current adventure.

14. You like to keep your life attachment free.

15. A 9 to 5 job causes havoc on your brain.

Contemplating a 9 to 5 job can be stressful!


16. You like to keep in touch with current affairs, enjoy the travel channel and like to read travel blogs in your spare time.

17. You are perfectly fine living out of a backpack - in fact you prefer the material freedom.

18. Most people cry when they leave home - you cry when you have to return home.

19. You rarely get nervous meeting new people.

20. Your Facebook news feed and Instagram feed are constantly streaming with photos from across the globe and different languages.

21. Although your addiction, at times, causes you to feel a little down at times, or a sense of guilt "for not living enough" - you have an inner excitement that bubbles with the knowledge that an adventure, a new lesson, new friendships and awakenings are just a short plane ride away!

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