Here at Base we know all about hostel life. We live and breathe it. We gave up (well... some of us) our Law Degrees to pursue a life of adventure, freedom and happiness. To sum it up, we are living the dream and each day we get to meet amazing people from across the world, learn about cultures first-hand and of course, expose ourselves to the crazy, unforgettable and dignity defying world within a backpacker's hostel. Our ears have become immune to the stories that we hear each and every day and we thought that we would share some of these with you! So here it is, some of the things we've overheard in hostels...

  1. "I'm not sure what his name was but he was from Sweden"
  2. "I woke up with Maccas in my bed"
  3. "I can't remember going to Maccas last night"
  4. "I lost the key to my room"
  5. "I woke up in the wrong room"
  6. "PLEASE take that photo off Facebook"
  7. "I used to have a six pack"
  8. "We're not drinking in our room. We are just playing a game of cards"
  9. "Is it wrong to smother someone with a pillow? There's no way I can go another night with that snoring"
  10. "I was only meant to stay here for a week"
  11. "Who shat in 109?"
  12. "I don't want to go home"
  13. "Actually I'm not sure where home is anymore"
  14. "Goon? Yeah Ok... I guess I can do my washing next week"
  15. "I'm never drinking again. Jager? Alright go on then..."
  16. "I lost my shoes"
  17. "I walked in and they were having sex. I wish they would use a sheet"
  18. "I just won $200 cash in a wet t shirt competition"
  19. "I missed my bus again"
  20. "I missed my flight again"
  21. "The person in my room has the most annoying ring tone ever and keeps putting on snooze!"
  22. "I have 40 cents to my name"
  23. "I fuk*ing hate top bunks"
  24. "My mum is not happy"
  25. "OMG I've had the BEST time!"
  26. "This guy in my room keeps straight up farting as if there is no one else in the room"
  27. "What's the cheapest and quickest way to get drunk" (a question that our bar staff hear on a daily basis)
  28. "Who f*cking turns the dorm light on at 3:00am?"
  29. "I can't remember when I last washed my hair"
  30. "Well damn... someone just took it upon themselves to take my laundry out of the washing machine. Thanks mate."
  31. "What I would give for a steak"
  32. "What's the WiFi password?"
  33. "Is there free breakfast?"
  34. "I've got $5 left on my card. But I really want a Big Mac"
  35. "I can't remember the last time I was sober..."
  36. "Yeah... I lost my passport"
  37. "What are you having for breakfast?" "2 minute noodles again"
  38. "Someone stole my cheese"
  39. "I got so many amazing photos today!"
  40. "All I can remember is coming home and the sun was up"
  41. "My mum loves it when I skype her drunk"
  42. "I went home for a month and everything was EXACTLY the same"
  43. "I just had a nap"
  44. "Did I really get naked again?"
  45. "No I'm not gay. I was just experimenting"
  46. "I'm SO glad I came travelling"
  47. "I HAD to go out last night. It was (Insert Name)'s leaving party"
  48. "I've learnt so much whilst I've been travelling"
  49. "This morning I woke up completely naked with no recollection of last night and realised that the new guy in the dorm was staring at me"
  50. And the most common of all... "You are quite possibly the most attractive receptionist I have ever seen."

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