Travelling solo or in a group opens us to a world of different people... the planners, the free spirits, the documenters, the culture addicts and the party people (just to name a few)! They say that each person you meet along the way will serve a purpose, or to put it simply - come into your life for a reason. Although at times it can be tiring to have the same conversation with 20 different people each and every day, remember, the most memorable moments happen when you open yourself up to new people and experiences.

"Travel is best measured by the people you meet along the way"

1. The 'YOLOer'

At some stage in your travels you will come across the impulsive type - the type of backpacker that wakes up every morning (regardless of how bad the hangover), with an infectious lust for life and a determination to try everything at least once! Although exhausting at times, especially when you need a little 'me' time, time spent with a crazy, magnetic individual will have you trying things you never thought possible - bungy jumping, accompanying locals (whom you met one hour ago) to all of the city's hidden bars, waking up with no recollection of what happened the night before and embarking on crazy, unexpected and magical journeys!

2. The Documenter

Selfies will be a thing of the past when you come across this type of travelling companion. How to spot a 'Documenter' you ask? Look out for a DSLR Camera, a moleskin diary and a constant updating of Instagram. Although you will be asked to pose in a number of awkward stances and expected to rise at 5:30am to capture that infamous Queenstown sunrise, joining your new found backpacking buddy will have its perks. Remember -

"A camera is a save button for memorable moments in time."

3. The Navigator

If you do become lucky enough to come across this type of traveller hold onto it, for it will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the ride. This person was built with a sixth sense for direction and the term 'lost' ceases to exist in their vocabulary. They know exactly how to get around a new city and can book a cross country bus within the blink of an eye.

4. The Budgeter

Although it is nice to indulge in a private room now and then, a few days (or weeks... or months), a Budgeter can help you save some dollars for the much needed pamper session you may have on the horizon. The budgeter will have you trying local delicacies from street vendors, taking a local bus to the temples, forging relationships with a local family and at times sleeping in a dirty dorm room with 10 other people. Take our tip - embrace it! The budgeter will open your eyes to the life of the locals and encourage you to appreciate the finer things in life.

5. The 'List' Addict

This person has read the Lonely Planet guide from back to front on 5 different occasions. He / She knows exactly how long it takes to get from A to B, whether or not to pre-book accommodation, a running list of every tourist attraction (including how to get there, how much it is and when to get the perfect sunset shot) in your intended city of travel and all of the Dos and Don'ts that come along with the journey. If you are a free spirited traveller coming across these new companions can be tiring. Don't be fooled - this person has come to your rescue and will give you some time to sit back, chill out and go along for the ride!

6. The Humanitarian

This person travels to learn about new cultures and respects the customs, beliefs and the natural world of your new destination. Sometimes when we travel (especially in third world countries), we can become tired of talking with locals, dealing with hagglers and having the same conversation with a new person each and every day. When coming across these type of people on your journey, they will encourage you to open up to the community around you. Although our #1 Travel Tip is to 'trust your own instincts' - take a deep breath and allow this person to open you up to the people around you.

7. The Hipster

Call this person 'a tourist' and prepare to lose your travelling buddy FOREVER! This companion knows all the cool suburbs, the hostels that you cannot find online and how to get around on public transport. Your adventure will be based on handwritten notes in a moleskin diary taken from 'a friend met whilst teaching English in South Korea' or 'an Argentinean yoga teacher met whilst on a retreat in India.' These travelling companions will take you to places you never knew existed and have you conversing in another language with the locals. Prepare to venture off the beaten track.

8. The Mixed Bag

Ok we admit - it's a little ignorant of us to try and define an entire world of individuals into 8 different personality types! We feel that when we travel, we learn a little something from everyone that we cross paths with - and this is what makes us the best travellers we can be!

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