Yep that's right, even when it's winter in Australia there are loads of things you can do to pass the time and make the most of your visit! Heading to Sydney in winter? Don't you worry, we've got you covered. Check out our Top 16 Things to do in Sydney in winter (in no particular order)...

1. Visit some Museums

When the weather is less than great and you don't fancy being out in the cold why not visit some of the museums in Sydney? You've got plenty to choose from. We recommend the Powerhouse Museum in particular, which is the "Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences". They often have some great temporary exhibitions based around major hollywood blockbusters such as The Lord of The Rings, in addition to their usual exhibits.

If you fancy learning more about Sydneys history then head to the Museum of Sydney, where you'll learn everything you need to know about the city. Or head to the Australian Museum if you're more interested in fossils or learning about Australias wildlife.

2. Do an Opera House Tour

Everyone visits the Sydney Opera House, but not everyone actually goes inside! You'll be impressed at the architecture inside the building too (and you'll be one of only a few backpackers who ventured inside one of the most famous buildings in the world.)

Do a Sydney Opera House Tour


3. Check out the Art Galleries

Like any good city Sydney has an array of art galleries to check out. First stop should be the Art Gallery of NSW which has some impressive art collections. If you like more contemporary stuff then head to Artspace or the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA).

4. Go to Paddy's Markets

Paddys Markets are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am until 6pm. Go early because you have over 1000 stalls to check out. And make sure you take some shopping bags with you because even if you only intended to browse you'll find it hard to leave without buying something, even if it is just dirt cheap fruit and vegetables!

5. Admire the Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

You might not want to spend any money but the building itself is beautiful. Make sure to look up and check out the stunning glass dome in the centre.

6. Meet some Marine Animals at Sealife Sydney Aquarium

Sealife Sydney Aquarium is conveniently located next to Darling Harbour and is surprisingly large for its location. Check out the dugongs, penguins, sharks, rays, tropical fish and so much more. Well worth a visit, especially if you don't have time to visit the Great Barrier Reef during your time in Australia.

Meet some Marine Animals at Sealife Sydney Aquarium


7. Sample the Coffee Shops

Sit inside and watch the world go by whilst sipping on a warm cup of coffee! Check out Skittle Lane for some photo opps, and great coffee - it's very popular so don't go at the pre-work rush! Or visit Campos Coffee in Newtown to watch and admire the barista's!

8. Drink some beer!

It might be time for a beer or two after drinking your morning coffee so if you're looking for somewhere particularly warm and cosy (has a fireplace!) then in Manly pop into The Hotel Steyne, or The Lord Dudley in Paddington. If you've been checking out Millers Point don't miss The Hero of Waterloo, which is a hero of mine, my favourite pub in Sydney! Alternatively check out some of Sydneys best secret bars.

You also have to make sure that at some point whilst in Sydney you have a sunset drink at the Opera Bar!

9. Walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens

It might be winter but you shouldn't avoid outdoor activities completely and these gardens are beautiful all year round.

Walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens


10. People-watch over lunch

I enjoy nothing more than some good food and a great people watching spot - there are numerous places in Sydney to get a good feed while watching the world go by, totally depends on your food of choice (and Sydney has every type of cuisine available!).

11. Escape from a Room!

For something a bit different, make some friends at your hostel and visit one of the ever increasing number of Escape Rooms or Puzzle Rooms in Sydney. A seriously fun way to pass a few hours and get your brain cells working!

12. Meet some Celebrities

Ok, so they're made of wax and can only be found at Madame Tussauds, but you might still fool some of your friends that you met a celebrity when you show them your selfies!

13. Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach

Bondi Beach to Coogee is a fantastic walk no matter the season. In winter, although it may be a bit chillier, the sea crashing against the rocks is awesome and you can also be in awe of the surfers who go out no matter the weather!

Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach


14. Watch a blockbuster movie

There are a couple of IMAX cinemas in Sydney but Darling Harbour may be the more convenient one to find to watch the latest blockbuster movie. A great rainy day afternoon activity with a massive screen!

15. View Sydney from above

Possibly a better view on a sunny day, but don't worry Sydney does have a fair few sunny days in winter, heading to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye will give you a great view of the fabulous city of Sydney (and possibly an increased heart rate if you're scared of heights.)


16. And of course... party at The Scary Canary

So there you have it - 16 things to do in Sydney in winter! You may also like these Sydney Guides:

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