We all know how attractive Australia is despite the constant struggle of the heat over here. Though that does nothing to deter a potential traveller from heading this way, we wonder what makes the land down under such a delightful location. You’d get an answer to that if you’ve seen photos of it on Instagram that your fellow travellers or some random strangers have shared. Sydney being the major attraction of Australia, let’s take a look at 7 of the most Instagrammable places in this awesome city.

1. Bare Island

You might wonder why Bare Island is on the top of this list. Well, if you were a fan of Tom Cruise cruising along a bridge on a speedy motorbike in Mission Impossible II, you’d know what we’re talking about. Though you won’t get to pull a Tom Cruise on the bridge over Bare Island, it’s still a pretty interesting sight to behold. Scuba Diving is one of the major activities undertaken at Bare Island, and you wouldn’t be disappointed at the number of great pictures you’d get to click while here. There is too much wonderment in Bare Island to be overlooked.

2. Carriageworks

Fancy a little vintage tour? Carriageworks is the thing you need. The blacksmiths exhibition and ancient railway display at Carriageworks will take you through the beautiful bygone era locomotive designs. A pose before one of these carriages will earn you some well-deserved likes on Instagram. That isn’t unlike you having stalked all those pictures that people posted after visiting Carriageworks once. This mix of rustic and pretty is probably all some people need in life, or on Instagram, of course.

3. Manly Ferry

If sailing is one of your heart’s desires, hop onto Manly Ferry for some fun under the sun on a cruise. This makes for some really great shoe-fies (selfies of your shoes) if you’re into that kind of stuff. Those photography enthusiasts propping up their cameras during the harbour cruise of the Manly Ferry aren’t just addicted to clicking and sharing for no reason. This tour will give you enough reasons to bring a DSLR of your own, no matter the fact that you’re hardly a photographer.

4. North Sydney Pool

Literally the greatest pool I've swum in. #northsydneypool you have my ❤️ #sydney #swimming #swimmer #happy

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Sydney is a party animal just as much as you are. North Sydney Pool is a luxurious adventure area tucked away under the hypnotic view of the Harbour Bridge. Your weekend might just be sorted if you’ve seen pictures of North Sydney Pool on Instagram. Hashtag Pool Party under the Harbour in Sydney and you’ve got yourself a horde of envious images. It’s selfies galore, people.

5. Bondi Beach

Whether you’re a strapping Australian or a timid tourist, Bondi Beach is sure to make you grab your surfboard. There is so much appeal in this very beach that you’d forget all other beaches you’ve visited in all your life. Bondi Beach is the heart of Sydney, with brilliant water sports, an enticing shore and marvellous swimming activities. Not to mention those high-resolution pictures of food that people have posted on Instagram so far. It’s just the tip of the massive iceberg that is Bondi Beach. This is Sydney’s very own photography and food lover’s paradise.

6. Museum of Contemporary Art

Sydney is filled with outside activities that might entice the inner explorer in you all the time. But if there’s one indoor attraction in the city, it’s the Museum of Contemporary Art. The magical artwork inside this museum will leave you out of breath and your camera might just have a mind of its own as it goes snapping away at the stunning appeal of this place. Some of the art might not be your cup of tea but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

7. Taronga Zoo

You want to see some rare animals that you’ve surely never witnessed before? Head over to Taronga Zoo and grab a few selfies with the friendly animals there. Tourists have shared some wonderful photographs of Taronga Zoo on Instagram, making it one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram concerning Australia. You won’t even have to make a lot of efforts with the giraffes since they’re mostly willing to pose for some photos!

Apart from the major tourist destinations that Sydney boasts of, being the most precious of places in Australia, it also gives us mere mortals some travelling goals. Who doesn’t want to bathe in the sunny Sydney and share amazing pictures on Instagram after visiting Australia once?

Heading to Sydney?

Author: Rohit loves to share his passion for travelling by posting on his regular blogs over TransIndiaTravels.com so that other travellers can benefit from his adventurous experiences.

Bare Island Photo (at top of page) by Adam.J.W.C, CC BY-SA 2.5

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