A unique New Zealand experience: soak in Mud Pools & Sulphur Spas within an active geothermal field.

Hell’s Gate allows you to follow the footsteps of Maori warriors through an active geothermal field: bubbling mud pools, erupting waters, native New Zealand bush, the southern hemisphere’s hottest natural waterfall and steam that cast an eerie setting.

Take a guided tour and learn of the park’s history and significance to the Maori people including the pool where Hurutini the Maori princess lost her life for her people.

The most unique attraction at Hell’s Gate is the therapeutic Mud Pools & Sulphur Spas. Since the 1840s Europeans have soaked in these pools for the famous medicinal and curative values. At 40 degrees, the concentration of sulphur within the pools has been known to rejuvenate and heal.

Top your experience off with a traditional Miri Miri massage, mud facial or body scrub.

The experience only takes a few hours so can tie in easily with your Kiwi Experience or Stray travels!

Main Image credit - Rotorua - Hells Gate Thermal Reserve - Boiling mud; Percita license

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