So you're planning a visit to New Zealand? Travelling a whole new country can become overwhelming at times - organising flights, accommodation, tours, places to eat, places to drink, mountains to climb. Luckily in this day and age there are many travel apps that can make your trip so much easier! To help you make the most of your New Zealand travels we have prepared a list of the best travel apps for backpacking New Zealand.

Best New Zealand Travel Apps

1. Essential New Zealand Travel

The first travel app that you should download (for free by the way) is by the county's official Tourism organisation. Tourism New Zealand have created a fantastic app that has information about thousands of locations and experiences around the country. The app has must do’s in every region of the country and lists upon lists of things to see in each town.

It also has updated prices, and descriptions and information about many activities and attractions across the country. However, one reason this is one of the best travel apps when backpacking New Zealand is that it functions completely when you are offline.

2. Herepin

There are a few reasons why Herepin comes in at number 2 on our list of best travel apps. First of all, it connects you to other backpackers and locals in your area and lets you arrange meet ups with people in the same location. It is also full of off the beaten track locations that are well worth exploring when visiting New Zealand. You can scroll through recommendations by like-minded travelers that let you tailor your new Zealand experience.



3. Camper Mate

If you are road tripping and camping your way through New Zealand than Camper Mate is a must. The app shows you everything you will ever need, from free camping sites, the best natural wonders and attractions to visit whilst hitting the road, public toilets, free WiFi hotspots, supermarkets, cafes and more!

4. Air New Zealand

If you are flying Air New Zealand than this free app is a must. It keeps you up to date with gate numbers, flights delays, and even local traffic. The app lets you check in and even doubles as a boarding pass on most flights.

5. New Zealand's Great Walks

For hikers, Great Walks is a helpful resource to some of the best trails in the country. The app was developed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation and provides everything you need to know to plan your hiking trip. The apps come with annotated guides and works offline to show your locations during the hike. It even doubles as a digital travel blog - recording your hikes as you go!



6. iTravelNZ

This app features information on over 1,500 points of interest across every region of New Zealand. This app is essential to craft your perfect New Zealand trip. The app is easy to use and covers everything from events and activities.

Apps make our lives as travelers easy. These are the best travel apps to help you travel New Zealand safer, smarter, and better informed.

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