Mmm backpacking the world. If there is one thing we believe here at Base - it's the importance of dropping your material possessions and booking a plane ticket to a whole new world. Here's why you should work in a hostel at some stage throughout your oversea's journey. Luckily, hostel jobs are a pretty damn easy (and fun) gig to score when backpacking the world.

1. It's a great way to save $$$

Ditching the old 9 to 5 can be a scary decision to make - after all, society has a funny way of questioning our desires to escape the financial securities of our comfort zones. Many hostels throughout the world offer a cheap bed while you work at the hostel. In exchange for reception, cleaning, organising hostel events or even bar work, you can get cheaper accommodation, cheap drinks and sometimes some other great perks as well.

2. You will work in paradise

Think inner city accommodation, bungalows by the ocean, palm trees, sun, snow, mountains, lakes, a tan, flip flops, bikinis... many hostels are located in central and exotic locations. Who wouldn't want to wake up in paradise every day?

3. It will become your home away from home

Working and living in a hostel for a few months will surround you with some of the most interesting, down to earth and open individuals that you may ever come across. Your new colleagues will become your instant buddies! There's something about travelling to a foreign land that opens the mind to new people, friendships and experiences. You will find yourself living alongside people who share a common lust for the new and unknown. Saying "yes" will become a part of your daily routine and your inner crazy will be celebrated by your new family - not judged.

4. It's the easiest way to get laid

We had to throw this one in! Work in a hostel is like having access to a revolving candy box - there's loads of different flavours. Each piece of candy is high on life (and Jagers) and basically up for anything that life throws its way. (be safe people).

5. It will open you to new opportunities

Scoring hostel work within a hostel chain will better your chances of finding jobs in other cities or locations. After working and partying your butt off for a few months, your manager will be more likely to give you a great reference when you are ready to move to another place.

6. You will get to know the city like a local

Working for a few months in one place is a great way to explore the city like a local. Rather than 'passing by' and taking a few photos of the main sights, you will get to meet a lot of locals also working in the hostel that will more than likely show you around. You will have the time to get out and about and explore the local hot spots, best bars, cafes... etc.

7. You'll learn to swear in 4 different languages

Always a handy skill to have...

8. You will attain employable skills whilst living the dream

Travelling overseas doesn't have to set off the snooze button on your career. Hostel work can at times be hard, with long hours and usually done with a hangover. But sticking it out will gain you huge respect from your hostel family and managers - which means? Hello reference!

9. Every night's a party

Enough said.

10. You will have a fresh new perspective on life

Hostel work will open you to a whole new world - new people, new values, new experiences, pot noodles, hard work, budgeting, how to live with 5 other people, how to recycle your underwear, get by on afternoon naps, little sleep, bad decisions, little dignity and without the luxuries of home. In the end, you will come out of the experience with a new 'can do' attitude and appreciation for the world and the life you lead at home.

11. You will have friends that will last with you for a lifetime

There's no doubt that backpacking surrounds us with like minded, curious and confident individuals - ready to make new friends, take on new challenges and live life to the full. Work in a hostel will have you working with a dream team - the best possible colleagues on the planet. The kind of people that can party all night and rock up to work with a 'can do' attitude and a smile on the dial with just one hour's sleep.

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