Since the dawn of the "East Coast Backpacker Trail" in Australia, hippies, adventurers and travellers flocked to Byron Bay to 'peace out' and indulge in the natural beauty that is Byron Bay - beaches, hinterland, wildlife, markets, colour, individuality and an atmosphere that still, to this day, forces one to step back and look at the world in a new light.

Top 10 Things To Do in Byron Bay

1. Sunrise at Cape Byron Lighthouse

Being the first destination in Australia to see the sunrise, the walk to the Lighthouse is not only scenic, but incredibly rewarding if you happen to make it just in time to see the sun rise over Australia's most easterly point.

2. Cool down in Minyon Falls

Located in the stunning hinterland, Minyon Falls is around 100 metres tall and is the perfect place to cool down and chill out (especially in the hotter months)! Most of the local tours to Nimbin such as Grasshoppers Tours, include a trip to Minyon Falls.

Minyon Falls


3. Go Kayaking!

The Marine Park attracts many amazing sea life animals to its waters, including Dolphins, Humpback Whales and Turtles! Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay offer 3 hour tours of the marine park where you will get the chance to learn about the local Aboriginal culture, local history and an informative overview of the marine park. You are pretty much guaranteed to see dolphins on this tour!

4. Visit the Hippy Village of Nimbin

A short drive from town and nestled within the peaceful tranquility of the Hinterland sits the lazy town of Nimbin. Nimbin was originally a site for a music festival during the Age of Aquarius. After the festival, a number of festival goers enjoyed the 'freedom' so much that they decided to stay in this little hidden paradise and begin their own sustainable community. Today the streets of Nimbin are lined with hemp cafes, souvenir shops, bright colours and colourful locals.

Nimbin Village


5. Skydive over the Beach

The best way to really experience the stunning coastline and beaches is from the sky! Skydive Australia offer the opportunity to jump out of a perfectly good airplane - definitely one for the bucket list.

6. Learn to Surf

You just can't visit without getting at least a little bit of surf time. You'll find board and wetsuit rental shops throughout the main street. Beginner? Mojosurf offer a number of packages that will get you standing on the board and riding waves in no time!

Learn to Surf


7. Snorkel with Sea Turtles at Julian Rocks

The Marine Park is home to 3 different species of Sea Turtle. A short cruise out to Julian Rocks with Byron Bay Dive Centre will have you snorkeling or scuba diving with these majestic creatures, along with Manta Rays and around 400 species of Tropical Fish.

8. Get into the Byron Bay spirit at the Arts Factory Lodge

By far one of our favourite hostels on the East Coast, the Arts Factory Lodge is an iconic landmark (as featured in the Inbetweeners film) and boasts the true spirit of Byron Bay - stay in a Teepee (or a room hehe), chill by the tea tree lake, unwind with Yoga, take part in a drumming circle and get into the local way of life.

The Arts Factory Lodge oozes Byron Bay spirit


9. Watch the sun go down on the beach

The Main Beach knows how to throw a mind blowing sunset. Grab a group of your new mates and find yourselves a cosy spot to watch the sun go down in one of the most magical places in Australia!

10. And finally... "Peace Out"

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