There are some really common stereotypes about Australians, some are a complete mystery as to where they first came from, others have become common knowledge (or misknowledge... is that a word?) through popular Aussie films, TV shows or adverts.

To prevent you saying something silly to an Australian, here's 15 things you should know about us!

15 Things To Know About Australians

1. Most (if not all) Australians have never ridden a Kangaroo.

2. Not all Australians are tanned (although to be fair, a lot of them are... I mean we have loads of outdoor activities and beaches!)

3. 'Gday Mate' is not the only means of exchanging pleasantries. 'Hello' and 'Hi' are also acceptable.

4. Not all Aussies can surf.

Not all Aussies can surf!


5. Steve Irwin, or Crocodile Dundee, should not be used as a benchmark for the Aussie accent.

6. Aussies sure do like a Beer or ten.

7. Not all Australians are Convicts.

8. Believe it or not, Australia does have a wide selection of musical talent.

9. Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue & Nicole Kidman are not worshipped in every household.

10. Australians do have internet access.

11. Australia does have culture – you just need to search for it.

12. Australians do not drink Fosters.

13. Thongs are worn on the feet.

14. Australians are genuinely laidback.

15. They live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

And YES - All Aussies do own a BBQ! What stereotypes have you heard about Australians which may or may not be true?

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