Ocean Rafting is fun, and luckily there are 2 stunningly beautiful locations in Queensland where you can do it. Ocean Rafting in Airlie Beach has been going for years and is so popular because of The Whitsundays. Every visit to Australia should include a trip to the Whitsundays and for those short on time an ocean rafting trip is a brilliant option. (Although it's well worth doing even if you do also go on a 3 day or 2 day sailing tour!).

If you head further north to Cape Tribulation you can now explore the Great Barrier Reef with Ocean Rafting up there as well!

Snorkelling with turtles!


Ocean Rafting Airlie Beach

The weather reports were saying that it was going to be a rough day out on the water, but I was determined to go Ocean Rafting regardless.

There were 25 people on our boat, making it a nice smallish group. It was an awesome trip which included a visit to Whitehaven Beach, snorkelling reefs and a guided Whitsundays National park walk.

Arriving at Whitehaven Beach, we walked up to the lookout and took some awesome pictures. After a short scenic walk from the lookout to the actual beach, we were served a really tasty lunch of cold meats and salads.

Stay at Base Airlie Beach when visiting this stunning part of Australia!

The Whitsundays


I went for a walk along the shore to look for fish and found heaps of baby lemon sharks and stingrays. After we had eaten, rested and explored we loaded up again and went to a snorkelling spot where there was a turtle, Maori wrasse and GT’s. So close you could touch them (if you were allowed).

On the way home we made a quick stop at the beach where they filmed the famous Australian tourism advert “Where the bloody hell are you?”. All in all we had an amazing day full of excitement!

The Underwater world is amazing!


Ocean Safari Cape Tribulation

One of the best days I've had, Cape Tribulation is stunning and being able to explore with Ocean Safari was brilliant. I've been snorkelling a few times in Australia but on this trip I saw so many turtles. I recommend this tour to everyone. Not many people see the Great Barrier Reef this far north, and it's amazing.

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