If you’re looking for cheap places to eat in Auckland it's good to know that you can find places on nearly every corner, as long you know where to look. There are the obvious cheap eats like the fast food joints you’ll find in every city of the world (boring!) or lunch deals (sandwich, drink and a packet of crisps) in almost every supermarket, but if you want damn good tasty food for under $15 or even $10 then check out the list below.

Fancy Indian, Korean, Pizza, Mexican or Chinese food? Different cheap eats from all around the world can be found in Auckland. Listed below is just a fraction of what’s available in Auckland CBD.

Cheap Eats Auckland - Food Courts

It’s hard to go wrong with a food court, you get loads of different options all in one place. As with every major city in the world there are heaps of food courts in Auckland but two you absolutely should visit are:

Food Alley - 9 Albert Street - 14 different menus, all yummy asian food and really good value! The majority of meals here are under $15.

Elliott Stables - 39-41 Elliott St - If you like food courts then you must visit Elliott Stables. There are a few things to eat for $15, not that many to be honest, but this is a lovely hidden away food court with a variety of food available, from Japanese to German, Seafood and Burgers.

Cheap Eats Auckland - Food From Around The World

All of the places listed below have great choices for under $15, and in some places you can find really cheap eats for under $10.


No.1 Pancake - Corner of Lorne St and Kitchener Streets - Get yourself a Korean style savoury pancake for $4.50 or a sweet pancake for $3.50. A cheap and easy lunch option!

Le Garde Manger - 466 Queen Street - For a sandwich with style head here for a Croque Monsieur or Madame in the morning. ($10.50 / $11.50) Yum!


Better Burger - Britomart / Vulcan Lane - Head to Britomart or Vulcan Lane for a really good burger for just $6. They do a nice Mushroom burger for $7.50 too.

Velvet Burger - 18 Fort Street - Have a mini version of their popular gourmet burgers. For under $10 you can have a mini beet, animal rights or velvet lady burger.


italian food in auckland

Il Buco - 113 Ponsonby Road - Best place for a vegan pizza by far! Pay by the slice of pizza. Up to 9 slices they’re only $6 each.

Sal’s New York Style Pizza - 49 Fort St - A decent sized slice of pizza which really is New York style (so good!) for $4 or $5.


mexican restaurants in auckland

Mexican Cafe - 67 Victoria Street West - Check out the Happy Hour menus from 5-7pm daily, where nothing is over $10. Or check out the ‘cheap eats’ on their dinner menu for some shared nacho plates, most are under $15. It’s extremely good mexican food at this place!

Mexicali Fresh - 137 Quay Street - Mexicali Fresh can be found all over Auckland including in Mission Bay but 137 Quay St is centrally located and a great people watching spot while you enjoy good mexican food. The menu is mostly under $15.


thai restaurants auckland

Thai Street - 12 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter - Check out their $15 lunch menu - feels like you’re eating authentic thai street food.

Aroy Thai - 13 Commerce Street - Great options and all for under $15. Try the basil chicken for $12.90.


indian food in auckland

Raviz - 61 Hobson St, Auckland - If you fancy indian food it’s hard to go wrong with Raviz (my go to takeaway!) Check out their lunch specials where you can get a main with rice for $10, or a main with rice and bread for $12.95.

Kati Grill - 146 Karangahape Road - Not really somewhere you necessarily want to eat in, but good Tandoori Wraps and Kebabs with nothing over $12.


malaysian food in auckland

Angies Kitchen - University campus Mount Street - Try a Penang Laksa for $14.50. It’s the most expensive thing on the menu but really good.

Selera Newmarket - 487 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket - They have loads of options for $15, like the Mee Goreng or something they call carrot cake (but really doesn’t look like carrot cake!)


japanese food in auckland

Kushi - 22 Durham St West - Ask for their special, a Kushi plate for $14.95. If you do have a bit of cash then the food, and service, here is spectacular. Get a group of you together and fill the table with different dishes!

Ichiban - 17 Albert St -  loads of options for $15 and under. Teriyaki Chicken for $14. Heaven!


auckland korean restaurants

BaanSang - 47 High St - For under $20 you have loads of choice but they also have plenty of options for $15 too.

Bamboo House - 9 Commerce St - Mostly under $15 - very small and cosy, really friendly staff, and incredibly tasty food. Another place to go with a group and order a variety of dishes to share and try.


chinese food in auckland

Xi’An Restaurant - 11 Anzac Ave - Loads of options, always highly rated and plenty of Chinese people eat here which is a good sign!

Huami - SkyCity 87 Federal St - You might think that any restaurant located within SkyCity would be expensive, and you’d be right. However Huami do a very affordable lunch menu. Get Dimsum under $15 and there’s loads under $10.

Deals for Backpackers

Any hostel that has a bar is likely to have some cheap food available and you don't necessarily have to stay there to take advantage of their budget menu. In places like Cairns, hostels that don't have bars often send their backpackers to The Woolshed for a nice cheap meal.

I haven't even scratched the surface of good, tasty, cheap eats in Auckland, but hopefully this list will help you to save a few dollars.

Quoted prices are obviously subject to change, and I recommend doing your own research before heading there. Due to Covid, many restaurants and eateries around the world have struggled to stay open, so please bear in mind that some places may no longer exist. This article will be updated once the world is back to normal!

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