A last minute invitation was extended to a friend and I, who both work at Base Airlie Beach, to join the GSL Aviation team for a Whitsundays scenic flight Whitsunday; flying over the Islands and the reef. To say the least it was the most amazing experience the 2 of us have done.

We were greeted with a courtesy pick up by Laura in the GSL Van. She’s a superstar. Incredibly friendly and got us both and the other passengers to the meeting point in one piece. We were then met with a very smiley pilot named Josh who was gearing up to take us on our scenic adventure.

GSL Aviation plane


Whitsundays Scenic Flight

We were very lucky to be seated at the front, which gave me the option to take a ‘fakey’ flying the plane. I wish I could say I flew it but that would have put all the other passengers' safety at risk and Josh is certainly a very capable pilot... although the man has a LOT of banter...

We departed the terminal flying around 200km/hr (a reasonable speed) at 1500 feet above sea level around the Whitsunday Islands. From here we could see several islands including, the Molle Group, Daydream, Dent, Hamilton and Whitsunday Island as well as Whitehaven Beach, Chalkies Beach, Esk, Dumbell, Hayman and many more.

The Whitsundays from above


A little tour over the Whitsunday Islands flying up the tongue bay passage and out onto Betty’s Beach and Whitehaven. Astonishing sights along with an educational tutorial by Josh who is a right laugh. We then flew at 2500 feet out to the Great Barrier Reef. This only took a short 10 minutes and then we got to descend as low as 500 feet around the reef. Which, is the perfect height to take pictures of the Great Barrier Reef.

We got to see the famous Heart Reef and reefs surrounding, as well as reef world. Seriously we couldn’t get enough!!! And my IPhone didn’t have enough memory for the amount of pictures we were taking.

Scenic Flight - GSL Aviation


Seeing such an amazing place from the sky really proved to be an extraordinary experience which everyone should do. It’s not true when they say "Once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it all." I’ve been here for 8 years now and in that time I've visited the Whitsundays every day for 3 years. We live in an amazing place and it will never get old. Please do not miss the opportunity to see the Whitsundays by air with GSL Aviation in Airlie Beach.

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