Base Website Docs



Header Section used on most page of the website The image is supplied by dato CMS. it's recommended that this image be manipulated to show darker tones on the lower left portion an under the top nav to ensure the text pops


Prop NameTypeIs RequiredDefault ValueDescription
backgroundImageobjectrequirednonebackground image for the page
pageTitlestringoptionalnoneThe title of the page. This is h1 for seo. It could be a hostel name or the name of a blog post
taglinestringoptionalnoneThis is the sub heading of the page
propertyNamestringoptionalnoneIf required you can show a property name if there is a relationship
captionstringoptionalnoneallows a caption to be shown and appears in the lower right hand side of the header will not show on mobile.
menuDarkbooloptionalnoneAllow the menu to be shown inverted, so dark logo and dark text
hostelbooloptionalnoneAllow to specify if this will be a hostel page and adjust the formatting accordingly