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There is nothing more exciting than going on the solo leisure trip. It’s a feeling of freedom that gives you the desire to embrace the entire world at once. Recent surveys revealed that more than 20% of tourists went traveling alone the last time they were on a vacation. This is the rising trend in global tourism and we will give you 5 useful tips for the solo travel.

How to make the most of the one-person trip

Traveling in pairs or groups is always amusing but it’s also less adventurous than going alone. Check out these 5 suggestions that can improve your one-person trip.

  • Make a plan

Going to a trip alone doesn’t mean that you can go unprepared, searching for the adventure. On the contrary, you need to conduct thorough preparations in this situation. First of all, make a precise plan of transport and accommodation. After that, you would definitely want to organize your time abroad and make the schedule of all the places that you want to visit. However, we suggest you plan even some unplanned time: don’t let your holidays turn into the race with your schedule and calendar.

  • Meet the locals

You can’t consider your one-man trip successful if you don’t meet the locals and learn about their culture and everyday habits. There are dozens of places where you can get acquainted with local residents – in the market place, sports event, bar or restaurant, etc. Wherever you get in touch with the locals, address them friendly and try to find out more about them and their country.

  • Walk a lot

The best way to meet new places is to walk around. Doing so, you will have more time to enjoy all those beautiful places around you and also to grab a quick bite somewhere or take a break in a cozy bar. Make your holidays more active with long walks and don’t waste too much time in hotels or even in local restaurants.

  • Go easy with the luggage

With more than half of people planning to go on their next holiday solo, it is crucial for the modern travelers to plan the luggage properly. Don’t let the bags to become a burden. Bring a comfortable backpack or just one wheel-equipped suitcase and that’s it. This way, you’ll be able to move around quickly even if you need to keep the entire luggage with you.

  • Be careful at night

The biggest fear of single tourists is facing awkward or dangerous situations in unknown places, especially bearing in mind that women make more than 60% of solo travelers. However, this should not be the problem if you pay attention where to go out at night. Drink moderately and don’t go to suspicious bars. And when you enter the café or disco club, go to the counter and connect with the staff. Bartenders and waiters keep an eye on the nearby customers and you will feel safe around them.


The excitement of the solo travel is something you cannot experience in organized groups or while traveling in pairs. Following our 5 tips, you will create preconditions for the best adventure of your lifetime. Make sure to use these suggestions and tell us in comments if you have other valuable travel tips to share with us.

Author: Laura Buckler has impressed many people by being a significant freelance writer and contributor at Essays Scholaradvisor. She teaches people to enjoy their lives at the maximum level, because her approach on life is a very simple one: everybody can achieve anything. Follow Laura on twitter.