headstand on beach
To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist” – Oscar Wilde

1. “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life, is the right thing to do”

It can be tough to break the rules of life. The 9 to 5 Job. The endless studies. Your family. Your friends. Society’s pursuit of “success” – owning a house, a car, to have savings and a career that makes those around you envious. There’s a certain daunting uneasiness that sweeps over us when considering to leave it all behind to embark on a round the world adventure. But as the saying goes – “sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do.”

2. “Happiness is rebellion in its purest form”

As travellers we accept that uneasiness. We know that it is merely a figment of our imagination. We ignore the negative comments asking in disbelief “But what about your job?” We kiss our loved ones good bye, pack our bags and book a plane ticket. We accept that little flicker of sadness that comes along with the airport good byes – and as we board the plane whilst giving a one finger salute to society’s ‘norms’ – an overwhelming sense of freedom and euphoria sweeps over us. Yep. F*ck you routine and normality. THIS is LIVING.

3. "Curiosity is the lust of the mind"

As we land in a new country and an entire different culture (and sometimes in the midst of a new language), we find solace in the fact that we are in fact in the middle of the complete unknown - on the verge of taking a train to an unknown city, walk an unfamiliar street, adapt to new temperatures, smells and sounds and be surrounded by a sea of people that don't even know your name.

4. "Travel awakens our common sense and intuition"

In a day and age where the answer to everything can be found on Google, where face to face communication is on the decrease and we can map track our way around any city - travel forces common sense and intuition to take force. With our backpacks on and our journey to the hostel to spend the first night in the unknown world begins - only our intuition can tell us how to hold ourselves, how to respond to locals, how to read body language and give us the courage to approach the strangers we have just walked by en route to our Dorm in the new hostel.

5. "Time is the essence of life"

There's something different about people when taken away from the normality of society. Travellers are a different breed. We are open. Stripped of richness and fashion. Curious and above all - in no rush. We have time to listen and open our eyes and ears to those around us. We have time to say "YES." We no longer make excuses to tick off the bucket list. We don't have any. We tend to put our smart phones and laptops away (maybe because we can't afford the Wi-Fi). We find that we have more time for conversation.

6. "Fear is man's worst friend"

As we step away from routine and complacency - we get a sudden rush of euphoria and adrenalin. We are ALIVE! With the heart pumping, the mind buzzing and the people around us encouraging us to "Live" - we finally get the guts to start ticking off that old bucket list and do things we would never usually do at home! Bungy Jumping. White Water Rafting. Trekking. Jager Bombs. Table Top Dancing. With this sudden urge to say "Yes" - comes happiness!

7. "To walk in another man's shoes is to appreciate the world you lead"

As we explore the new countries, cultures and ways of life on our journey, our minds open to different customs, beliefs and habits. We begin to become more tolerant of differences and the diverse world in which we live. With this understanding comes an appreciation for the life we lead at home. And that brings us back to point #1 - 'the rules of society' - Family, Friends, a House.

We begin to realise the importance of our loved ones and appreciate just how lucky we are to have the luxuries of life. We realise the importance and shortness of life - and the value in pursuing our dreams. We return from our travels motivated, saying YES and open to those around us.

8. "A true test of friendship is travel"

Some say that our true friends do not need constant updates or reassurance. Our true friends love us no matter where in the world we are, and even if 2 years had passed since the last catch up, you would both pick up exactly where you left off. As we travel we realise that life is too short to surround ourselves with those that bring us down. And with that knowledge we appreciate the true friends - and let go of the wasters.