Base Travel Melbourne

I remember telling an older gentleman at a family function one day, that I worked at a backpackers hostel and he completely flipped! Telling me that I was ‘completely crazy’ and ‘mad’. Every time he saw me for the rest of the night he shook his head at me and muttered something under his breath (that sounded somewhat like ‘insane’).

He had travelled a lot when he was younger and had stayed in backpacker hostels and lodges and I think the image he was picturing of where I worked was what he could remember from his time in hostels... forty years ago. Dark dingy places, that smelt horrible and were cheap for a reason. But a lot has changed in forty years. If he actually saw Base St Kilda, I think he would be shocked!

Okay, so some of the smells that come from the kitchen when people try to create never-before-seen meals on a budget may not be so pleasant, but all in all it is a bright, vibrant hostel that is constantly pumping with energy.

I was an ‘out of town’ girl when I started working for Base, and I honestly knew very little about Melbourne, but the longer I work there the more I discover. From seeing the penguins on the beach, five minutes away from the hostel, to the amazing graffiti laneways in the heart of the city, to finding the best bargains in town (yes, we will tell you our secrets, just ask nicely), there is so much to do in Melbourne!

On top of the every day things to see and do in and around the city there are also the events that come and go, the Grand Prix, the AFL footy (a must do for those of you wanting some real Aussie culture!) and the Melbourne Cup are just some of the other things that draw people to Melbourne.

But then, if you don’t even want to leave the hostel, or of course you are a vampire and can’t go out in the sun, you will find plenty to do at Base itself. The TV room downstairs, as comfortable as it is, is normally empty because with different activities on every night in the bar, like beer pong, live music and the occasional Moulin Rouge or Bin Bag party, no one wants to watch repeats of how I met your mother, or dare I be so bold as to say it, Neighbours. Yes, even Neighbours gets switched off when the bar is open!

Speaking of Neighbours, for those of you who are not vampires, our ‘greatest travel desk in the world’ can get you on tours to the one and only Ramsay Street and if you are lucky, you might even get a glimpse of Paul Robinson or another star that you have watched for years. If you are not lucky enough to see them on the Ramsay Street tour, you can also go to the Neighbour’s Trivia night. Wait, hold your horses, for those of you getting excited saying: ‘Oh My God! I know everything about Neighbours! This will be a trivia competition I will win for sure!’ I hate to disappoint you, it is general trivia, but the best bit is, every week there are Neighbours stars there.

I should probably also mention that they come around and sit with you, talk to you and if you are lucky enough (because now you know it is not a quiz about Neighbours and you might be struggling a bit with the general knowledge side of things) they might even give you a few answers. I tell you all this because it can sometimes be a health hazard, yes, girls, drink lots of water and make sure you eat before you go to avoid any light-headedness or fainting. To top it all off Dr. Karl’s band plays. I can almost hear you squealing with excitement! But I don’t blame you, you have every right to!

So if those are not reasons enough to come and pay us a visit at Base St Kilda, I don’t know what is! Wait, I’ll give you one more reason, if you get a base jumping pass, you get to stay with us for less money. So wherever you are it’s time to hop on a plane or bus or bike (if you are some sort of amazing athlete, or maybe you just really ;want to stay with us) and come check in with us at Base St Kilda. (Unless you are at another Base, in which case you can enjoy that first and then come and see us!).

Happy Travels!