Fraser Island

Did you know that Fraser Island is the BIGGEST sand island in the world? Located a few hours north of Brisbane and Noosa, this absolutely stunning touch of paradise is on the top of every East Coast traveller's to do list for a reason. Check it out...

Lake Mckenzie sits upon a sand dune and is made purely of rainwater

Lake Mckenzie is surrounded by pure silica sand - this is why it is so white!

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There are over 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island. Lake Wabby is another popular swimming spot, and unlike the crystal clear blue waters of Lake McKenzie, it is a unique emerald green colour

There are no sealed roads on the island and 75 Mile Beach is a nationally registered Highway. What does that mean? The only way to get around is by a 4X4 vehicle!

The views from Indian Head Lookout make for the perfect east coast selfie! Captain Cook gave the viewpoint its name when he spotted four Aboriginal natives standing on the headland during his 1770 east coast voyage.

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In fact the island is rich with history. Maheno Shipwreck crashed on the shores of 75 Mile Beach in 1935 amidst a Cyclone. It was rumoured that the castaways were forced to camp up on the island's shores for 3 days before being spotted by a plane.

Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is over 800,000 years old and home to ancient tropical rainforeset and Eucalyptus Trees. One of our favourite rainforest creeks to chill in is Eli Creek. The water in Eli Creek takes over 200 years to pass through inland sand dunes. Imagine that! Swimming in 200 year old pure rainwater!

It is also the resting point for the 1200 Humpback Whales that migrate south along Australia's east coast. During July and November you may be lucky enough to spot the curious creatures nursing their newly born calves in the safe haven of the island's shores.

There are also 25 to 30 packs of Dingoes that roam the island. Although they are reasonably friendly it is important to make sure that you do not harrass them, leave food, scraps or rubbish bags lying around and make sure that you secure all food and tea towels etc in a secure place and remember to not walk around the island on your own.

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The Champagne Pools are also the ultimate chill out spot, or as we like to call them - natural jacuzzis

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