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Why we LOVE New Zealand? It is the adventure capital of the world, an adrenalin junkies dream, a destination that forces travellers to test their strengths & the best bit about it? the SCENERY! 


New Zealand is home to the world’s first commercial Bungy site and described by many as the most TERRIFYING thing that they have ever done! Bungy Jumping can be done all over New Zealand! These are our favourites:

Auckland: In 1987 AJ Hackett was arrested here for jumping off Auckland Harbour Bridge. Ask the team for an ‘ocean dip’ and do not forget to take in the stunning views of Auckland city as you make your way to the launch pod.

Taupo: The highest water touch Bungy in NZ as you freefall 47 metres over Waikato River – stunning views and the option for a ‘dip.’

Rotorua: Agroventures Park is located in Rotorua and not only offers a 43 metre bungy from a crane, but a Swoop (a swing), the Shweeb (a high speed bike) & the Agrojet.

Queenstown: Queenstown has 3 AJ Hackett Bungy sites to choose from. Kawarau Bridge stands at 43 metres and is the first commercial bungy site in the world. The Ledge Bungy can be found at the top of the Skyline situated 400m above Queenstown with a 47metre rope & the Nevis Bungy (probably the most talked about of them all) will have you freefalling 134 metres over a canyon.   


Queenstown’s Kawarau River is home to Roaring Meg: 6km of Grade 2/3+ White Water Rapids that will have you river surfing, riding whirl pools, duck diving & jumping off rock faces. River Surfing is best described as riding your way through rapids on a body board. This experience is unique and a must do – but not for the faint hearted!


Imagine yourself standing at the very top of a mountain overlooking Queenstown, tucked up in a body suit attached to your tandem guide and holding onto nothing but a rail in front of you. Your tandem guide tells you to run as fast as you can off the edge of the mountain. You do this, and soon you are flying like a bird over the sights of Queenstown. Not to be missed!

 4.    SKYDIVE

Most of those travelling to New Zealand will add a Skydive to their bucket list. There are many locations to jump, most offering a 15,000 ft freefall. Some of our favourites: Bay of Islands to get a glimpse of New Zealand’s very northern coast, a Skydive over New Zealand’s largest lake (Lake Taupo), Abel Tasman for views of both the north and south island, Queenstown or Wanaka to experience the snow capped southern alps or Franz Josef for aerial views of neighbouring Glaciers.


If you have yet to try Canyoning – New Zealand is the place to do it! Canyoning involves getting from one place to another by combining Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Jumping, Swimming, Sliding & Zip Lining through waterfalls, fresh water lakes and gorges. Our favourite day tours depart from Auckland & Queenstown with half day and full day options available.


For those thrill seekers, Aerobatic flights are up there with Bungy Jumping and Skydiving! Wanaka is one of the cheapest places to learn how to fly an aerobatic plane. You get to control the fast paced planes through barrel rolls, vertical drops and more! Not only that, the views of Lake Wanaka are stunning as you experience the effects of G – Force.

7.     SKYJUMP

There is no scarier way to view Auckland city than by SkyJumping off New Zealand's tallest tower - Auckland's Sky Tower! The jump begins from a platform at the top of Auckland's popular viewing deck and has you falling at 85km/hr from 192 metres off the ground.


Jet Boat rides will have you whizzing, speeding and 360 degree spinning at speeds of 80 km/hr – the ultimate option if you are looking for an adrenalin rush along with a scenic ride through New Zealand’s stunning lakes. Our favs: Auckland, Taupo & Queenstown.  

9.     ZORBING

Jump into a gigantic inflatable ball and roll down a hill. Sound like a great idea? Zorb is a must! Zorb is available in Rotorua, New Zealand’s north island. There are 3 options:  ZORBIT (a dry ride option), ZYDRO (our fav option – add water to the mix) & ZURF (grab a boogie board and attempt to surf your way down).


Rotorua & Queenstown are our favourite White Water Rafting locations and is an absolute must do in New Zealand. Jump into an inflatable boat, grab a paddle and ride the rapids in some of New Zealand’s prettiest rivers.

11.      SWING

Do not underestimate the scare factor of the swing! Queenstown’s Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump and is an experience like no other. You can choose your freefall (The Chair, Backwards, off a Slide – just to name a few)! The 200m swing will have you freefalling for 60 metres.  


The Waitomo Cave system in New Zealand’s north island is home to the Glow Worm and an adventure playground for adults! There are many ways to explore the caves: Abseil or Tube your way through the underground tunnels and rivers. Don’t forget to look up – the glowing worms will resemble a million fairy lights!

13.       ZIPTREK

This is one of our favourite Queenstown activities. The adventure begins at the very top of the Queenstown Skyline Gondola. You will Ziptrek your way from tree to tree to the very bottom. Along the way your guides will educate you on Maori culture, local history and the significance of the surrounding environment.

14.       LUGE

What is a Luge you ask? Easy! A Luge is kind of like a toboggan – but for dry tracks! You will find the Luge at Skyline Rotorua & Skyline Queenstown. Jump in and speed along the array of tracks that offer unforgettable views.


New Zealand is continuing to grow their already popular Mountain Bike Trails. Whether you are into Downhill, Freestyle or something a little more cruisy – bike is one of the best ways to explore New Zealand. No matter where in New Zealand you venture, you are bound to find Mountain Biking close by. Our favourite locations: Rotorua, Taupo & Queenstown.

Our resident blogger Katie was forced into a Blindfolded Nevis Bungy Jump (as well as a Superman costume) by our social media followers. Check it out: 

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