Who's in Welly? 01:28 PM on Wed 12 Mar 2014

Meet the staff and guests at Base Backpackers in Wellington as they share with us their favourite bars, activities and tips for finding work in New Zealand.

Name? Marco

Age? 19

Where are you from? Mexico and I do not like Marmite

How long have you been in New Zealand for? 8 months

Where do you work? I work for accommodation at Base doing maintenance. I like working for accommodation because of the people that work here with me, I get to meet other travellers  and we get free bread.

Where is your favourite place in NZ? Wellington. I like Weta Cave and Park Row Production. I want to meet Peter Jackson

Favourite bar in Wellington? Electric Avenue

Tips on finding work? Use your nationality. I walked into a Mexican Restaurant and was given a job on the spot. I also sometimes get free tequila

Name? Sascha

Age? 24

Where are you from? Germany

How long have you been in New Zealand for? 10 Months

Are you here to Travel or Work? Both

Where have you worked? I worked for accommodation at Base Backpackers in the Bay of Islands. I would prepare the nightly BBQ for free accommodation. Now I am looking for work in Wellington as an Electrician or Engineer

Where is your favourite place in NZ? The Bay of Islands because of all of the people I worked with there and the beach was nice.

What tips can you give other backpackers who are looking for work in New Zealand? If you specialise in a trade go to a recruitment agency like Hays. If you are looking for waitressing or bartending work, go into the bars and restaurants with your CV

 Name? Nichola

Age? 23

Where are you from? England

How long have you been in NZ for? 5 months. I graduated from Uni and visited Cambodia on the way here.

Where is your favourite place in NZ? Favourite city is Wellington as there is so much going on. I love the way it looks with all of the houses on the hill. My favourite place is New Plymouth. The beaches there are amazing.

Where do you work? I work for accommodation at Base doing housekeeping and I also work at a bar, Electric Avenue

Favourite bar in Wellington? Electric Avenue. It’s where everybody always ends up.

Name? Edward

Age? 25

Where are you from? China

Have you been working in New Zealand? Yes at St James Theatre in Wellington but I go home soon

Favourite place in NZ? Wellinton. There is so much culture, music, museums and arts festivals

Favourite bar? Famous

Any tips for finding work? Be social because sometimes you meet people who will introduce you to jobs and go into places with your CV

Name? Tom

Age? 24

Where are you from? England

How long have you been in NZ for? 8 months

Where do you work? I work here at Base Reception

Favourite activity in Wellington? Paintballing

Favourite Bar? Basement Bar

Tips for finding work? Be proactive, open and put yourself out there

Favourite Cheap Eat? Little India next door to Base

Name? Charlotte

Where are you from? England

Age? 22

How long have you been in NZ for? 7 weeks

Do you like NZ or Australia better? Australia and New Zealand reminds me of a combination of England and Australia. But I love both

Where do you work? I do housekeeping at Base for accommodation and at JJ Murphys, it’s an Irish Bar

Favourite thing to do in Wellington? The Beach at Oriental Bay

Favourite Bar in Wellington? Establishment

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