Lord of the Rings in Wellywood08:15 PM on Mon 10 Mar 2014

Written by Katie Tobias

I will begin with a very embarrassing confession, an admittance that will most likely have me deported from New Zealand – I have never, and I mean ever, watched Lord of the Rings.

Before I arrived into Wellington I had researched the ‘To Dos’ and had asked my friends at Base for suggestions and recommendations. The Wellington Movie Tour (regardless of my original hesitation and disinterest in the popular trilogy), continued to pop up as an experience not be missed.

However, as I am dedicated to providing ongoing travel tips to all Base fans, this morning I set off on the Wellington Movie Tour. From the get go – I was hooked and intrigued. If you have any interest in film, art or the movie industry at all, this day tour is a must.

I jumped onboard the minibus as we made our way to Hutt Valley – where many of the LOTR scenes were filmed: Helms Deep, Gardens of Isengard & Minis Tirith just to name a few.

Our Kiwi guide Ted was hilarious and had once driven tours around the sights of Wellington. Soon he realised that most of his customers showed a particular interest in where LOTR was filmed. With a brother who had worked on the design aspect of the films, Ted now offers a small group and personalised Movie Tour. 

 Movie Clips were played onboard the bus or on site at the filming locations before we used props to recreate popular scenes – this was a laugh (as you can see by my photos).

We visited the town of Rivendell (this meant nothing to me in the beginning) and also had the chance to take a walk along the swing bridge in Kaitoke National Park. We ventured to Mount Victoria, home of ‘Hobbiton Woods,’ and the location where the very first LOTR scene was filmed.

Throughout the day our guide Ted wowed us with interesting facts about the making of the films. Did you know that the ‘Orc Chant’ was actually generated from a Cricket Crowd at Wellington’s Westpac stadium? Peter Jackson walked onto the ground mid game and had the entire crowd chant in unison. The sound was then used in the film.

My favourite part of the day was our visit to Weta Cave. Weta Digital have won Academy Awards for visual effects in LOTR, Avatar & King Kong. The ‘Window into Workshop’ tour guided as through statues, original props, costumes and weaponry from the films. We were given insights into the design aspect of the movie industry and well as ‘inside’ secrets.

No cameras were allowed in here so apologies for the lack of photos.

We made our way back to Wellington via the south coast bays and beaches. Overall it was a fun, silly, interactive and informative day, a great way to see Wellington and its surrounds and a motivator to all those shameful and unfortunate individuals (such as myself) who have yet to watch the most successful trilogy ever created... I’m downloading as we speak. 

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