Finding work in Australia03:27 PM on Thu 17 Apr 2014

Meet Rochelle, Jobsearch Australia expert, as she provides tips, facts & all you need to know about working in Australia. 

Name? Rochelle

Where are you from? Lincolnshire, England

How long have you been in Australia for? 4 years

How long with Job Search? 2 years

What is Jobsearch Australia? We help working holiday makers find jobs in Australia and assist them with everything that they may need along the way: assistance with resumes, setting up a bank account, a phone sim card, taxback, Tax File Number, second year visa work, supperannuation, information about relevent training courses and certificates & ensure that they arrive into Australia with a welcome!

Would you say there is alot of work in Australia? Always. People just need to be proactive. There are a lot more jobs available in summer – however there are usually alot more backpackers looking for work at this time.

What kind of jobs do you usually help people find? A wide range of jobs depending on what is available: teaching, labouring, hospitality, personal assistant roles, jobs in corporate environments – a wide range. 

What is the most interesting job placement you have made? We helped someone gain a job in reserach studies in Sydney. She had to partake in medical trials for cancer research.

Funnest job placement? We get alot of job openings at music festivals, events & stage shows. This year we helped people find jobs setting up the Grand Prix for 3 months and setting up the stage for Eminem (they got to watch the concert for free).

What tips can you give for people trying to find work? Always stick to something you have experience in. Be proactive in your search. Apply for as many jobs as you can... it’s a numbers game.

What’s the deal with Australian Tax? Everybody who works will pay tax but you can claim a percentage back when you finish work. Make sure you keep all of your pay slips as it will help with your return. The tax year finishes on the 30th June, however if you are leaving the country we can still organise your tax return at any time of the year. When you complete working for the company or if you reach the end of the tax year, you should get a PayG Summary from your employer which can use to claim your return.

Tips for 2nd year visa work?  You must work 88 days in a regional area. Make sure you check the 12634 form (you can find it online) for eligible areas. Do not leave it until the last minute.

The most common 2nd year visa jobs are usually farm or vineyard jobs. We have a relationship with the employers so you can be certain that you are going to a legitimite employer!

Most rewarding part of your job? I’ve met alot of people when they have first arrived into Australia and have helped them find jobs that have turned into sponsorships which have allowed them to stay in Australia permamently. I love working and living in Australia so I am glad I can help others do the same.

Whats the benefits of coming to Jobsearch? It saves people time in looking for jobs as we already have them. We know the employers and what they are looking for so we can speed up the job search process for most. We also give online access to our job website showcasing work all over Australia.

How much is membership?  $99 for 3 months which includes job assistance, bank account set up, sim card, tax file number, 2nd year visa assistance, access to our job database website, help finding lost payslips, superannuation, discount on courses and certificates & help with resume building.

Any last tips? Make sure you also find the time to travel this beautiful country!

You may also buy packages that include not just your membership, but discount accommodation & breakfast at our hostels. If you are heading to New Zealand, there is a Jobsearch New Zealand office located within Base Backpackers in Auckland. For more information, go to Jobsearch

Heading to New Zealand? There is a Jobsearch New Zealand office located within Base Backpackers in Auckland.               

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hospitality jobs australia: 10:03 PM, Tue 16 Sep 2014
This is informative article. This will definitely help people looking to move in Australia.

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