Te Papa Museum: Best Free Activity in New Zealand10:02 AM on Thu 13 Mar 2014

The greatest free activity in Wellington! I left Te Papa Museum content with the knowledge of how far the world has come over the last 100 hundred years.

The Museum explores everything from Maori and European settlement and integration, World War history, the progression of homosexuality rights, the emergence of the Rock n Roll era, New Zealand’s role within the Commonwealth, Art, Giant Squids, Migration, Wildlife & the opportunity for you to feel what is like to experience an earthquake.

You will need at least 3 hours to explore the museum and make the most of the interactive activities: learn to play the Ukulele, watch 3D videos of the Maori journey to New Zealand by Waka, learn to draw Maori art & much more.

Here are some cool things I go to do and learn:

  • Walked through a traditional Maori meeting house
  • Made a song with a little help of a friend. He played the guitar and I played the drums on a sound board
  • Got my name in a 1980s paper opposing the Apartheid
  • Saw a Giant Squid
  • Learnt about the history of execution laws and some chilling murders that took place within New Zealand
  • Discovered that in the early 1900s I would be able to migrate to New Zealand for free, as I am a female under the age of 40 and can speak English
  • Found out how big the extinct Moa Bird used to be – I am kind of glad that these huge emu like birds no longer walk the earth
  • Walked on a giant interactive map of New Zealand
  • Found an entire exhibition on bugs
  • New Zealand has always been a popular place for tramping and trampers used to build their own huts and use nothing but a compass to navigate – times sure have changed
  • Experienced an earthquake
  • Found old posters opposing the Vietnam War
  • Learnt how Rugby brought a nation together
For information on how to visit the museum in Wellington, just chat to the reception staff at Base Backpackers

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Rachel Birchley: 10:38 AM, Thu 13 Mar 2014
I loved Te Papa. Such a wonderful museum with so much to see and learn, and all for free. Brilliant stuff. I too would highly recommend it. Rachel x

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