Lake Wanaka

This week Base Wanaka Superstar Emily faced her fears and ticked off her bucket list by skydiving over the snowy mountain tops of stunning Lake Wanaka. She lived to tell the tale...

skydive wanaka

Amazing!! This was my second Skydive but by no means was it second best! My skydive instructor was called Pip, who was lovely and made me feel so calm even though out the entire experience.

Even though this was my second skydive, I was probably more nervous as I knew what to expect falling out of the plane at 15,000 ft!!!!

skydive wanaka

On the way up in the tiny plane the views over Wanaka were amazing and you could even see glimpses of Queenstown!

As we ventured higher and higher into the clouds I could feel the cold air. Luckily we were strapped into some warm jumpsuits. TIP: If you are jumping in winter make sure you wear some warm layers.

So this was it – I was soaring right into the clouds and my life was trusted in the hands of a stranger! The moment we shuffled onto the edge of the plane was horrifying yet exhilarating! JUMP!

skydive wanaka

Soon the nerves subsided and I became so overwhelmed by the views around me and a feeling of freedom as I soared through the sky like a bird. Soon enough we landed on safe ground and my heart was pumping with adrenalin! The staff at the front desk gave me a high five and were so friendly and helpful. I HAD to get the video as well!

I would definitely recommend doing your jump here!

Note: Go hard or go home with 15,000ft! You don’t want to regret it!

Thank you Skydive Wanaka!