aerobatic flight wanaka

This is just as scary (if not scarier) than a Skydive or a Bungy Jump!

Learn to fly an aerobatic plane in Wanaka with a 2 X National Aerobatic Champion with Southern Lakes Learn to Fly. There are many options to choose from and the flight can be tailored whilst in the air to meet your comfort levels: opt for a very basic training whilst you sit back and enjoy the views, learn how to control the plane to perform loops and rolls, or ask Ivan to 'scare the hell out of you' and experience some extreme Aerobatics!

wanaka aerobatic flight The views over Lake Wanaka are absolutely stunning and the lessons you complete actually go towards your 'learn to fly' certification. This experience is fit for those interested in becoming a pilot, to those looking for a fun, scenic view of Wanaka or to those (like myself) searching for a hit of adrenalin.

Trial Flights start from $149 and range through to $299 depending on what you are after. A GoPro DVD can be purchased for just $70.

This is a Must Do in New Zealand!

Check out the video! I think you can tell I went through many emotions - there was a definite mixture of fear, adrenaline and pure joy (and maybe a little screaming).