Skydive Taupo

#10 on the Bucket List complete! We travel to live - to feel alive - and Skydiving is an experience that awakens every part you!

Most backpackers to New Zealand have Skydiving on their to do list. Taupo is home to New Zealand's largest lake and is surrounded by green mountainous nothingness - which makes it a scenic destination to face to your fears.

Your journey begins in a Limo and a short drive out to the drop zone. Here the briefing takes place before you are strapped into a bright blue jump suit and harness.

You board the bright pink plane and head for the skies! For a moment your nerves disappear as you marvel at the stunning views below you. As you reach closer to the top, you are handed an oxygen mask - this is when you start to second guess whether or not this is a 'normal' thing to do.

Taupo Skydive

Before you know it the door is lifted as the wind gushes in. Last minute instructions are given by the man strapped to your back as the superman like figure seated in front of you disappears into the abyss.

Your instructor shuffles you to the edge - and for the brave this is the scariest view of them all - your tiny legs dangling 15,000 ft above the ground. And then... before you know it... You let go!

This is it - the moment when you surrender yourself to complete insanity. You are weightless, falling and free: spinning and swirling through the clouds. All nerves disappear as euphoria takes hold and the 60 second free fall soon becomes the best experience of your life.

The parachute is pulled and you suddenly enter a calmness. You have accomplished the scariest part and now you have a moment to really enjoy the views. You glide and float your way back to the safe haven of the ground: head rushing, heart racing and buzzing with a big, fat dose of pure adrenalin - a feeling that most of us junkies thrive for and a feeling that we can only gain from overcoming our fears - A MUST DO!