new zealand hoki fish and chips

Feeling a wee bit home sick? Kiwi travellers and expats overseas can now call a "homesick hotline" that features the distinct sounds of New Zealand. Strange yes... but true!

Launched by Travel Insurance Direct, the free to call hotline was designed to comfort New Zealanders that may be feeling a little lonely or homesick whilst travelling or living overseas - we had to give it a go! When calling the hotline you are greeted by a Kiwi accent, "no doubt you are having a choice, tumeke time overseas. But you've called us today for a reason... you're a wee bit homesick."

You are then given nine different "New Zealand sounds" to choose from... we struggled to choose just one so decided to give all nine sounds a whirl. The most "Kiwi" of sounds warmed our hearts and included the battering of tent pegs into the ground during summer, the crowd chorus at an All Blacks game and the comforting sounds of a peice of fresh fish being lowered into a tray of batter... so New Zealand! With this year's claim to fame as the Best Country in the World by Telegraph's Reader Choice Awards, there's no surprises that Kiwis would miss their own country!

By calling 0800 442 452 or +64 99303377 from overseas you too can be comforted by the patriotic sounds of New Zealand. The launch of the video followed the success of a similar Australian hotline aimed to comfort globe trekking Aussies. The Aussie hotline has received over 5000 calls since launching in July 2016 and features iconic Aussie sounds such as the squawking of a Kookaburra, the clitter clatter of empty beer cans (or in Aussie lingo - tinnies) and the "unofficial Australian national anthem" - Waltzing Matilda.

Can you guess what other Kiwi sounds are featured on the hotline? Watch the video below. Oh New Zealand - we love you!