river surfing queenstown

Bodyboarding, Rapids & Thrills...

Queenstown never fails to push my bravery to the very limits – and this experience is not an exception. The historic Kawarau River is home to Roaring Meg: 6km of Grade 2/3+ White Water Rapids that will have you river surfing, riding whirl pools, duck diving & jumping off rock faces.

The half day tour will have you geared up in a wetsuit, flippers, helmet and with your very own Bodyboard. Following a brief introductory training session you will follow your guide into your very first rapid – angling your board at a 45 degree angle and kicking your flippers as the rapid takes you on a wild ride!

Surprised that you made it out alive, you are left buzzing with adrenalin and eager for the next fast flowing rapid. The guides will continue to direct you through the 6km course and soon enough you begin to relax and trust that the river will whirl and whizz you through the beautiful scenery.

As Roaring Meg comes to a calm end, the guides will give you the option to jump off cliffs – with loads of different heights to choose from. You then have the option to river surf your way through the entire 6km course AGAIN!

This experience is a must if you love any kind of watersport, have a taste for bodyboarding or white water rafting, or just eager to try something a little bit different topped with an adrenalin rush!