Queenstown skydive

Jack from Canada has been staying with us at Base Queenstown, and wanted to share his Queenstown Experience...

Ok WOW!! I have just had an epic time in Queenstown, New Zealand; it really is the adventure capital of the world.

queenstown at dusk

Yeah, I had heard it was the Adventure Capital, but I didn’t really know who to believe, so I went in with little expectation, and was blown away!!

Not only are there activities galore, but the people that live in Queenstown are adventurous – they party hard by night and then jump off bridges, Ride Mountain bikes and get towed around by boats in the day…

I had hitch hiked from Wanaka to Queenstown with a friendly Dunedin family who dropped me off at the Base Backpackers Hostel. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard that Base was a fun place to stay. Straight away I was welcomed by a girl in a bikini promoting the Base bar called Altitude – it’s that place from the news where Mike Tindall played with midgets.

The promo girl was hot, so I politely listened to her tell me that tonight in Altitude people will attach themselves to bungy cords and run down the bar – WTF!! Awesome!! It was also ladies night, could life get any better ;) A male stripper was organised for Ladies night, which I thought was a bit weird, but cool because lots of girls would be in.

Base Queenstown was cheap, 8 bed dorm for only $25. The hostel was wicked – there was heaps of groovy artwork, and the kitchen was a cool sociable place, and the beds were comfy!

My roomies were Irish and Swedish (the Swedish one was a babe – why are they always babes?) – Anyway, naturally, I asked them to go for a beer. We headed down to the Altitude Bar and got a $5 pizza!

I needed some courage to run a good game with this Swedish chick, so I ordered some cheap jagerbombs. The night was going well, and we competed as partners in the horizontal bungy.

While attached with a harness to a bungy cord, I ran down the bar to grab a shaker, and then the cord pulled me back, where I gave my Swedish date the shaker to drink. We didn’t win, but it was still wicked. The winners won a free Nevis Swing, pretty cool prize!!  So today I think I will head out and check out this Nevis Swing, might just take my new Swedish friend with me ;)

Until next time…