queenstown  bungy jump

Meet Laura – Base Wanaka Reception Superstar! This week Laura was lucky enough to experience the ultimate day out in Queenstown – all THREE AJ Hackett Bungy Jumps AND the KJet!

She lived to tell the tale...

“I have only just recovered from the most unforgettable day with the AJ Hackett New Zealand crew on Tuesday. The day started with a KJet ride out to the Kawarau Bridge Bungy –standing at 43 metres and is the first commercial Bungy site in the world. The Bridge is perfect for those wanting to ‘warm up’ to the Ledge or Nevis Bungy. The staff were super friendly and offered a ‘water touch.’ I said no. Standing on the platform was absolutely exhilarating! Eeek! I was buzzing with adrenalin as I leaped from the platform towards the river below. Now for the second Bungy Jump of the day...

nevis bungy jump

We made our way to the Nevis Bungy site – and there it was – the Nevis Bungy pod drifting between two cliff faces and swinging from ropes on each side. I strapped into my harness (with the help of the staff of course) and stepped into the little cable car that transported me and the other nervous jumpers to the pod. OMG it was huge! Definitely one of the scariest things I HAVE EVER done! The staff were calm and supportive and I couldn’t have done it without them.bly the most famous of them all. The drive itself out to the site is quite the lead up, as you venture through the canyons and gradually ascend higher into the mountains.

As I slowly made my way to the edge of the platform I soon became aware of the view below – the canyon was a long way down. I took a deep breath, tried to ignore any nervous voices in my head, raised my arms, looked forward and “Let Go.”

That’s what Bungy Jumping is all about – letting go, free fallilng, freedom, conquering fears and thinking “to hell of it – I’ll just do it!”

Whoa I was on a high as we made our way back to Queenstown for the last of the 3 Bungys.. the Ledge!

The Ledge sits 400m above Queenstown. We took the Gondola to the top of the mountain and made our way to the pod. The Nevis offers a longer and higher freefall – but I’d say that the Ledge is just as scary! You are literally jumping 400m above Queenstown!

The great thing about the Ledge is that the harness is strapped around your waist – this means that you have a lot more freedom to try various jumps! Anyway here I was again. Standing on the Ledge. I took another deep breath. Raised my hands. Closed my eyes... and fell! It was AMAZING!

ledge bungy queenstown new zealand commons

By Will Ellis (originally posted to Flickr as CIMG2398) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

First time Bungy jumping in my life and all thrown into one action packed day – near death experiences x 3. The staff were amazing and made facing my fears all the more possible. I would more than happily throw myself off that 134m platform over and over again (despite holding back wanting to throw up at the time). Such a great buzz!

Heading to New Zealand? Email [email protected] for up to date travel specials! A huge thanks to AJ Hackett Bungy for a truly epic day out!