jet boating queenstown

Meet Carina from Base Queenstown. Here at Base we have the best jobs in the world! We get to live and work in paradise! Carina was lucky enough to experience Thunder Jet - a fast paced, thrilling get boat ride through the stunning waters of Queenstown Bay.

Thunder Jet is famous for its 360 degree spins and high speeds of up to 90 km per hour. This is one of the most exciting ways to experience the breathtaking views of Queenstown, as you cruise through Kevin Peninsula, the Remarkables Range and Cecil Point. Here is what Carina had to say...

thunder jet queenstown

I had an amazing time with Thunder Jet. The staff were incredibly helpful and the whole experience was awesome. If you do this trip in winter make sure you wear warm clothes including a hat, sunglasses and gloves! They provide an extra coat and a life jacket because you will get wet.

I saw some magical scenery and the 1-hour-ride was unbelievable. My favorite part was the 360 spins where the whole group was laughing and screaming when the boat suddenly turned.

thunder jet queenstown

Also worth a mention are the various stops along the lake and river where our guide told us interesting stories about the scenery and history of Queenstown. I would absolutely do this again and will recommend this trip with Thunder Jet Queenstown to everyone!