skiing this winter

The prospect of skiing can be a little daunting. Hurtling down a mountain with two planks of wood stuck to your feet isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. But once you’ve learnt the basics, there’s endless fun to be had.

Everyone should try skiing at some point in their lives. Whatever your age and your level of fitness, a skiing holiday makes for an incredible and unforgettable experience. With excellent ski schools and nursery slopes at many of the world’s most popular ski resorts, you can learn the ropes under the guidance of experienced instructors before taking to the slopes yourself.

There are countless reasons to try skiing this winter. Here are just five of them:

Enjoy Breath-Taking Scenery

Snow-capped mountains sparkling in the sun, forests of hardy pine trees and green valleys below – when you’re skiing you can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery you’re ever likely to have seen. You also get to enjoy all of this for minimal effort. Hiking up the top of a peak can take a number of hours. When you’re skiing, you head up on the chair lift. From this vantage point, the views are break-taking. You then get the ultimate thrill of skiing down back to the bottom, ready to take on the mountain all over again.

Learn Something New

Sure, beach holidays are relaxing. But do you ever come home feeling like you’ve really achieved something? Learning to ski is a challenge, but a very rewarding one. You’re likely to experience a real sense of pride when you make it down your first slope without the guidance of your instructor. Skiing allows you to challenge your body and your brain, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing it for decades.

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Experience Great Food and Drink

The après ski experience available will depend upon the resort you choose. You could opt for a place where the party goes on from the afternoon to the early hours, with the beer flowing and skiers dancing on the tables. Other resorts offer a more sedate experience, with fine dining options and lots of traditional mountain cuisine too – think hearty stews, hot apple cider and wonderfully cheesy fondue.

Get a Full Body Workout

Many people return from their travels carrying a few extra pounds. All that eating and drinking can take its toll. Go skiing, however, and you’re likely to start looking a bit fitter and leaner. Skiing uses an incredible variety of muscles, many of which you don’t use in your ordinary life. After a week of skiing, you’ll look and feel amazing having burnt off a load of calories and toned up your muscles.

Enjoy Other Fun in the Snow

When you go skiing, you’re well-placed to enjoy a whole host of other snow-based activities. You have all of the snow weather apparel you’ll need to stay warm and you’re already up the mountain where all of these activities take place. Why not build the most impressive snowman the resort has ever seen? If you ever need a break from skiing, there are plenty of other fun things to do.

When you first learn to ski, you’re likely to be a little shaky and nervous. However, this could well be the start of a lifelong love of the slopes. The thrill you experience when skiing down the side of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful scenery, knowing that a hot mulled wine awaits you at the bottom is truly like no other. Take the plunge and try skiing this winter. We promise you won’t regret it.

Ski Resorts in New Zealand

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Author: Savannah is an experienced traveller and photographer who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working at, she’s at the slopes in the US or Europe. She’s also interested in film-making.