sailing bay of islands

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand's north is made up of 144 stunning islands. The islands can be reached by a day tour from the stunning sea side town of Paihia - a popular destination north of Auckland. Jess, Base Bay of Islands superstar, was lucky enough to explore this New Zealand paradise by boat on a day trip with R. Tucker Thompson. This is how it went...

thompson sail jess

Cruise through the Islands in style. Cruise through the Islands on your very own pirate ship! Ok, maybe not a real pirate ship, but the R Tucker Thompson sure feels like it with its huge masts and rigging and ‘big old wooden boat’ feel to it.

They do day sails, and evening sails. So, whatever you fancy they got it. Setting off from Russell you can haul up the sails (I though I was semi fit before I helped with this task!!), climb the rigging and even go out to the very front of the boat and have your own ‘Titanic’ moment, like our Jess did! Or if that sounds like too much work, you can simply sit back and enjoy the breeze, sip on a wine and chat to their amazing crew

The Tucker is part of a charity organisation that aims to help children of varying backgrounds enjoy new experiences. In winter they take groups of kids out sailing for a week at a time! The kids have to take part in all the different activities of a Tall Ship Sailor. So in the summer months when they take out all sorts of tourists, this is their chance to raise money for a good cause and such a unique experience for these kids.

If you are someone that thinks they have “done it all”, trust me you haven’t until you have had a scone with cream and jam while hanging on for dear life out on the bow of the boat. I can now say I’m one step closer to the “done it all” status. Not only is it a full day sailing the high seas, but they serve up a mean tasty lunch during their lunchtime Island stop. You can also jump from the boat and have a swim or venture onto one of the islands for some photo ops to die for during your lunchtime stop!

Go be a pirate for a day! Join the Tucker crew!

Main Image - Alistair Guthrie - Tourism New Zealand