Skydive Auckland

Skydiving is one of Auckland’s most amazing day activities, and is located only a short 40min drive out of the Auckland City CBD in Parakai.

After finishing work the other day at Base Auckland, I was surprised and ushered into a waiting coach to start a journey to Parakai?!? I was greeted with a number of other Travel agents from Auckland...

This is when we were told that a few lucky individuals will be jumping out of a plane at 13,000 ft. There were a few shrieks of surprise from the lucky/unlucky people, but we still had a little bit of time before we arrived at the Parakai Airfield.

After 45 minutes driving out of Auckland City, we were at our destination and told to sign our lives away, then jump into some overalls, and quickly get into the plane which was humming away nicely (thankfully).

As this was my 3rd skydive I knew what to expect, but even so I was still terrified! The Tandem Master Sam was making me feel pretty comfortable and we were having a bit of a laugh together.

skydive auckland

“10,000 ft” the pilot shouted, & Sam helps me to put on my goggles which must have been for a child, as it was not very comfortable. 12,000 ft and the roller door opens, a gush of cold air whirls through the plane. A gentle push towards the door & the nerves kick in, sliding towards the door I get my feet out and tilt my head back, then the sudden rush of adrenaline hits as Sam and I tumble out of control for a few seconds. Once stable, we start turning to take in the majestic views of Muriwai Beach & the surrounding coastline.

It felt like an age before the parachute opened. Once we were safe & sound under the canopy, Sam told me to hold the “reins” & pull down with my right hand as hard as possible, the spiralling starts and then with some extra help, Sam sends us spinning violently. After levelling out we get closer to the ground and Sam decides to tell me that the Russian Army used to release their chutes from 1000 ft up “just to see what would happen” into snow. What astounds me about this fact is that they tried it with a couple of hundred soldiers before they pulled the plug on the testing.

Once on the ground I had to take a few seconds to register the fact that “I JUST JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE FROM 13,000 FT!!!”

So thanks to Stacey & Sam from Skydive Auckland for getting me back to the ground safely.