lake pukaki

It's not uncommon to hear the phrase "backpacking around New Zealand changed my life." There's something about the mystic landscapes, unpopulated stretches of scenery, the friendly locals and the easy to get around vibe that makes any trip to New Zealand pretty spectacular. New Zealand is one of the last populated countries on earth, which means most travellers getting around the country are likely to stumble upon a little secret paradise (check out 10 of New Zealand's best kept secrets here). The country is like nowhere else on the planet. To put it simply, we CAN'T get enough of it! So in an act of nostalgic appreciation, here are 50 ways that life as you know it, changes after backpacking New Zealand.

1. You will have a selfie with a Fergburger

2. You will no longer refer to flip flops as flip flops, but Jandals

3. "Choice" "Sweet As" and "Bro" are now terms that are commonly used in your vocabulary

4. You miss sharing a room with other backpackers

5. You're still suffering from Cookie Time withdrawals

6. You've ticked off Bungy Jumping from your Bucket List

7. Your Instagram is looking MINT!

8. A bag of clean laundry is equivalent to a pot of gold

9. You have still yet to see a Kiwi Bird

10. You've ticked off Skydiving from your Bucket List

11. A pasta dish served with more than three ingredients still blows your mind

12. You lost your dignity in Queenstown

13. You've ticked off White Water Rafting from your Bucket List

14. You now have Facebook friends from all over the world

15. For the lads - you miss your facial hair

16. You have a photo at Hobbiton Movie Set

17. You've almost encountered frostbite after jumping in a freezing cold lake

18. You're friends at home are sick of hearing about your New Zealand adventures

19. You've visited some of the most amazing scenic locations in the world

20. You've walked the world's steepest street in Dunedin

21. You have a photo with Mt Doom at Tongariro Crossing

22. You've mastered the art of partaking in extreme activities with a hangover

23. You've seen a Rugby game

24. You've swam in a hot thermal spring

25. You still don't know why New Zealand claims to have the best pies in the world

26. You're friends still struggle to come to terms with your urge to daytime drink

27. You've seen the Haka first hand. Actually no - you've performed the Haka

28. You've ticked off a Beach, a Lake and a snow capped Mountain all in a day's journey

30. You're still withdrawing from Pineapple Lumps (chocolates)

31. Your ability to sleep almost anywhere still surprises you

32. You've walked on top of a Glacier

33. You're still experiencing Whittakers withdrawals

34. You have a new appreciation for Kiwi music - Six60, Lorde, Shapeshifter... the list goes on

35. You've now watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy three times

36. You want to learn a new language

37. You've researched where to get L&P from

38. You still find yourself saying hello to "strangers"

39. You've been looking into ways that you can move to New Zealand - permanently

40. Your perception of travel distance has changed dramatically

41. You've mastered the art of making new friends with just about anyone

42. You've downloaded Flight of the Concords

43. You have a new found love for marmite

44. A hot and high pressured shower is the best thing on the planet

45. You have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drinking games

46. You've experienced some of the most breathtaking boat journeys on the planet

47. You've taken on the Kiwi laid back approach to life

48. You still haven't taken off your 'travel bracelets'

49. Your parents are questioning your new 'goals' in life

50. You've eaten a Hangi