I love Queenstown!12:35 PM on Thu 11 Aug 2011

I was sat at Base Backpackers reception this week, when I got asked a question which we all get asked so often......What is it you love about Queenstown so much that has kept you here for 11 months?? A simple question which has so many answers........ Why wouldn’t you?.....

I have the most beautiful views of snow covered mountains from my door which stretch for as far as you can see! This kind of scenery never gets old, even when I wake up at 6.00am feeling a little on the fragile side from the night before, The sight of those mountains put a smile on my face every time!

The nightlife is EPIC!!!!! Every night of the week you can go out. Sticking to Friday and Saturday nights is far too over rated. Every days a weekend in this town, and every night Altitude Bar is packed full of people all out for a good time.

I have never known a small town to have so many activities packed into it. Snowboarding in the winter seasons, 4 different jet boat rides, 5 different AJ Hackett bungees, a canyon swing, white-water rafting, river boarding, luging, tours, 4x4 trips, wine tasting tours (always a good excuse to get on it early in the day) paragliding, handgliding, kayaking, and the list just keeps going.

I have the BEST JOB EVER, FACT!!

I get to meet soooo many crazy people from all around the world, who are all loving life as much as me.  We just want people to love New Zealand and Queenstown, and we’ll go out of our way to make sure that happens. 

Happy Travels :)
Base Queenstown Superstar

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johanna: 02:54 AM, Wed 07 Sep 2011
sounds AMAZING!! how can one get a work like yours??

Dong Jun: 08:28 PM, Fri 31 Oct 2014
Lovely Hostel I was impressed by the night staff Adam. Very helpful in reception, easy-going, friendly, help me with patience.

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