How to turn your love for travel into a career

So, you love to travel. You’d love nothing more than to do it every day, for the rest of your life. But there’s just one problem: money. How do you make enough money to stay on the move? The best answer is to turn travelling into your career. Here are a few options you could take to make that happen.

Become a travel rep

One of the most obvious answers is to become a travel rep. This allows you to move around often whilst still keeping the same job, although you will have to work hard. You need to be intimately familiar with your resort and the local area, so learning fast is a must! Your job is to ensure that the holidaymakers at your resort have the best time possible. That means scheduling and organising activities, taking groups out on excursions, running the evening entertainment, and getting them in to all of the best local places at a discounted rate. Most reps tend to return to the same resorts over and over again, so you may be restricted in your travel choices with this option, but there are plenty of jobs available in this niche.

Be a travel writer

This one is great if you are skilled with words. Travel writers are needed in a number of niches. You might write travel guides for certain cities, or you might contribute to a newspaper or magazine on a regular basis. You could even write your own travel memoirs, although you will need approval from a publisher as well as payments in advance to keep you going while you write. If you are confident in your skills with social media, you could also be a travel blogger. Maintaining a blog is a lot of work and requires you to be constantly on the go, but it can help to secure lots of lucrative sponsorships and freebies in exchange for reviews. Just be aware that blogging is more about you and your personality, while travel writing is about the place only!

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Travel worker

There are lots of travel companies out there who need workers. You could be on a cruise line, serving drinks or food, or as entertainment. You could be an air hostess or host on a commercial air flight. You could also take a job on coach tours or other types of tour. The important thing is to find a job that matches your skills. Many of these jobs require you to be a real people person, while some require specialised knowledge or talents. The good thing is that there is quite a high rate of turnover in these positions, so no one will blame you if you try it out for a season and then decide to quit. You might not have much time for exploration – for example, as an air hostess, you might be back in the air the next day heading for a different destination.


Finally, you could also try your hand at photography if you want to travel. It’s recommended that you get proper training, as there is a big difference between amateur photography and the professional kind that pays good money. Whether you photograph people, landscapes, or animals, there’s always an opportunity to travel when photography is involved. Make sure that you market yourself internationally and the bookings should follow!

With these career paths in mind, you should be able to make a living and continue travelling the world for as long as you want to. Make sure to set up an international bank account so you can always access your funds.

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