Penguins - Man Who Quit Job To Travel Makes $1 Million

Lets be honest. In an ideal world we would all quit our jobs and travel the world if it meant we could get paid to do it. Well... meet Johnny Ward - an irishmen who quit his 9 to 5 job to travel the world and now makes $1 million. As they say "anything is possible if you put your heart and sole into your dream."

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Johnny's story begins with a realisation that “with only one life, I don’t want to spend Monday to Friday locked in a place I don’t want to be.”

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Johnny came from a poor Irish family, tossed and turned through numerous jobs throughout the years and finally landed himself a 20K a month sales job in Austrarlia. It was then that he decided to quit and begin work on his dream travel blog.

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Although he was rolling in the dollars, he wasn't happy. Johnny explains that he "wasn't free, having to ask for permission to take time off - and I don't do well with authority."

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It hasn't been easy though. Johnny quit his job in 2010 and started work on his blog onestep4ward.

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"I associated the concept of making money online with this... charlatan personality. I couldn't get my head around how people actually do it. And then I cracked the specific thing I do online and was like WOW I can't believe it."

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In 2012 Johnny created a digital media company which soon blossomed. He and four other associates work literally a few hours a day - making up to $1000 every day!

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Johnny has been to a total of 152 countries!

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His advice? "You need to draw a line in the sand and say - Now I'm going to do it. Now matter how you plan to make money online, always start a blog. Have a voice, be an authority"

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