Top Countries To Visit In 2016

The results are in and you won't believe some of the countries that made Lonely Planet's 2016 best of travel. See the video below...


In 2016 Botswana will celebrate 50 years of independence. The nations growth towards stability has resulted in this African nation becoming an upcoming, and somewhat untouched, top tourist destination.


As described by Lonely Planet as "modern, yet ancient", Japan has always been a top country on our list so there are no surprises there!

3. USA

With over 59 national parks and an abundance of historical landmarks, the USA has a little something for everyone - bustling cities, desert, amazing landscapes and stretches of stunning beaches.


OK we are not going to lie - where the hell is Palau? Lonely Planet claims that this Pacific Island is one of the "most magical diving and snorkeling spots in the world." Take us there!


Latvia has always intrigued us here at Base, meeting the rare backpacker from Latvia here and there. The Baltic nation's population is beginning to grow and hence, the government has recently taken initiatives to restore ancient castles, improve infrastructure and take pride in the country's unique history - marking 25 years since shaking off it's once communist ruling.


Lonely Planet deems that the price of petrol is set for the decline (along with the Aussie dollar), which makes 2016 the ultimate time for a great Aussie Road Trip! No need to provide an overview for you on this great country...


The country's capital, Wroclaw, has been predicted by the Lonely Planet as 2016's capital of culture. New European air routes in and out of Poland have recently been established and the Pope will be making an appearance in Krakow for World Youth Day - stay tuned!


Uruguay is nestled between Argentina and Brazil and a must see for those adventurers heading a little off the traditional south american tourist trail - untouched beaches, a progressive capital city and cheap!


Yes! Here at Base, Greenland has been on the top of our to do lists since we first watched 'The Mighty Ducks' - "Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is very nice." With the world's lowest population density you are bound to find your own untouched slice of paradise, not to mention, 2016 will host the Arctic Winter Games which should open it's doors to the country's beauty.

10. FIJI

Ask the manager of Base Airlie Beach Resort Kellie who is still recovering from last week's Bounty Rum infused Fiji adventure. Fiji has always been a favourite of ours - too many islands to choose from, a choice of great surf or reef and the thing that really makes Fiji shine - the unconditional friendliness and smiles of the locals! Bring on FIJI!

Lonely Planet's Top 10 Cities to visit in 2016:
  1. Kotor, Montenegro
  2. Quito, Ecuador
  3. Dublin, Ireland
  4. George Town, Malaysia
  5. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  6. Mumbai, India
  7. Fremantle, Australia
  8. Manchester, England
  9. Nashville, USA
  10. Rome, Italy

Stay tuned, as we are soon to release our Top 2016 Backpacker Destinations!