Get a Good Night's Sleep While Flying!

We’ve all come across people who just doze off as soon as the plane takes off. They are quite lucky as they can effortlessly fall sound asleep on a long flight. For the rest of us, we need to make an effort to rest and go to sleep while flying.

Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the sleep you deserve while traveling and to help you wake up fresh and active for the adventure that awaits you at your destination.

1. Opt For a Window Seat

When you are booking your flight, try and get a window seat. It gives you a little privacy and an opportunity to rest your head by comfortably leaning onto the plane. Moreover, you will not be constantly disturbed by the frequent bathroom trips of the person sitting next to you. The added benefit can be the beautiful sky that you can gaze at (of course, only if you’re traveling during the day) that many people find comforting and can help them fall asleep quickly.

2. Uncross Your Legs

Yup, maintaining the correct body posture is a crucial ingredient for getting a sound sleep on an aircraft. Just avoid crossing your legs. Why? Because if you cross your legs and fall asleep on a long flight, there’s a possibility that the blood in your legs can clot up on account of restricted blood flow. From a sleeping perspective, too, it’s bad as at one point of time or another, you will get up because of the discomfort caused by the restricted blood flow. This will interrupt your sleep and make it quite difficult for you to fall back to sleep again.

3. Use the Recliner and the Armrests

Many people find it hard to sleep in an aircraft on account of the load on their back. Forget about ‘being nice’. Your seat is a recliner, it’s meant to be reclined. A good way to reduce the load on your back is to recline your seat. Lesser load on the back means that it’s easier to fall asleep. Hard to believe but yet true, according to research, holding onto the armrests is a great way to reduce the load off your back. There’s no need to squeeze or hold the armrests tightly. Just place your hand gently on top of them and that should do the trick.

4. Opt for comfortable clothing

While traveling, comfort must be your top-most priority. Try and wear clothes that are similar to what you're used to sleeping in. Carry a pull-over and / or a cozy small blanket as most flights keep their temperatures quite low. You may also want to carry a small neck pillow to give that extra comfort, assisting you in falling asleep faster.

An eye mask can come in handy if you like to sleep in total darkness. You can even use earphones to listen to music while trying to sleep so you can avoid all the other noises of your surroundings.

plane windowseat

5. Resist Temptation, Say ‘No’ To Alcohol

Holiday fever seems to make almost everyone an alcoholic. Even those, who only drink occasionally at home, get this compulsive need to start their journey, quite literally, on a ‘high’. If getting sleep on the aircraft while flying is one of your priorities please avoid drinking alcohol on the flight. The problem with alcohol is that it dehydrates your body. A dehydrated body needs more fluids. An increase in fluid intake will simultaneously result in an increase in bathroom visits. So just avoid drinking for those few hours on board the plane. Of course, that’s only if you want to go to sleep.

6. Avoid Overeating

Before a flight, it’s always wise to have a light meal instead of a heavy one. Ideally, you shouldn’t even go for a meal before a flight. Everyone has encountered the troubles of overeating at some point of time in their lives. Just go back to that moment and imagine going through the same discomfort on a flight. Forget sleep, you won’t be able to sit properly even. Gas can also leave you extremely uncomfortable.

7. Switch off All Your Electronic Devices

The problem is not with the electronic devices or any waves transmitted by them or such. The problem is with the light that the devices expose you to. And obviously, if you are trying to go to sleep you know that light exposure is a bad idea. It’s advisable to just switch all your electronic devices off and go to sleep.

Now, when put into words, sleeping on a flight looks extremely easy. But the harsh reality is that, in practice, it’s much harder to fall asleep in a flight. Or is it? Because once you start implementing these tips, you too, will easily fall asleep while flying. Ultimately, it all comes down to you calming thoughts in your head and just allowing yourself to go to sleep. Think of all things good, keep in mind these tips and tricks, doze off and arrive at your destination fresh, relaxed and ready to esplore!

Author: Katherine Dilworth is a wife, mother and a blogger and she writes on, this blog provides exclusive information on Why do People Snore and Snoring Solutions.