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After completing your high school tests, thoughts of joining a prestigious college or a University will be all over your mind. But the question is; what can you do during the transition period, a gap year as it is commonly known? Do you go visiting friends and relatives or spend it reading a bestselling book? What about interning somewhere for experience or getting a job to accumulate some savings for your impending college studies?

The truth is; gap year can either be a boring or interesting period as you wait for your college admission letter. It all depends on what you do. In the past few years, millennials who are graduating from high school have spent it traveling to top destinations around the world to get personal experience and explore what is out there in the world.

Best Gap Year Destinations

When it comes to finding out about some of the best places to travel during a gap year, an online search alone will pull up thousands of results. It could take you days of flipping through webpages before you can zero in on top locations of interest. You could save a lot of time if you find all the information in one place.

This post puts together top gap year travel destinations that you should consider to make the most of your extra year between high school and college. Between the work of high school and the commitment that is college and adult life, there may never be another day, time, or chance to have this experience. Whether you choose to visit New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Africa or Australia, there is always somewhere to create new memories to carry with you as you enter adulthood.


Visit Australia’s Southern Metropolis


Every traveler wants to set foot in a thrilling city and that is why a gapper will never go wrong by choosing Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. These are cities that straddle large swathes of Australia’s South, each with a flavor of its own. In particular, strolling around Adelaide’s green parks makes a trip to the little city enthralling and you will never forget an afternoon of sunshine in this part of the world.

A landing in the South Coast city of Sydney is equally worth it. You can either choose to start your adventure at Harbour or Opera House. If you want to experience the beauty of Mother Nature, places like Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains are a must-see.

There is an even more relaxing atmosphere in Melbourne, where you can cozy up to the cultural diversity in the area. The city’s buildings present to travelers the magnificence of architecture. Additionally, a simple walk through its markets, a visit to its eateries and top-selected farm store can give you a look at all that Australia has to offer.

A drive to the 12-Apostles via The Great Ocean Road will leave you wanting to see more of Melbourne. Gap year students looking for internship places can also explore many of the cities opportunities once they land here.


Enjoy Sea Life in New Zealand’s Tops Island and Beaches


New Zealanders are endowed with some of the most amazing gifts of Mother Nature. The small continent boasts of a never-ending sea life experience. For gappers that choose to land here, Poor Knights Islands and Goat Island are some of the best locations for a relaxing afternoon. They also let you experience relaxing and remarkable swimming with the dolphins.

The coastlines of Muriwai and Piha, from Taranaki to Dunedin, presents surfers and sunbathers with a lifetime chance to enjoy aquatic life. It in experience that gap year students need more than anything else after long years of schooling.


New Zealand’s Top Parks and Hiking Spots


A connection with nature in the most magnificent way is always relieving and New Zealand offers scenery like no other. Gappers who appreciate natural beauty should visit places like Tongariro Crossing, Fiordland, and Abel Tasman, among other destinations are waiting to quench your kayaking or hiking thirst in the most memorable way.


Enjoy a Blend of Culture in Malaysia


Over the years, Malaysia has increasingly become a sought-after holiday destination. To a gapper looking forward to traveling around the country in style, Malaysia has an array of travel options. This makes it obvious why it is known as a transport hub. It allows people to experience the Indian, Malaysian and Chinese culture, all in one place.

Ignite Your Party Mode in Spain

Anyone who has visited Spain will agree that it plays host to some of the world’s most magnificent landmarks, monasteries, and coastlines. The transport system between its cities makes it a worthwhile experience for a gap year student looking for a wonderful destination. From Mallorca and Madrid to the Catalan city of Barcelona, you will party away high school hangovers in style.

In a nutshell, there is nothing that makes a gap year more fulfilling than taking a trip to world’s top destinations. From watching All Blacks in Wellington and yacht cruising across quiet Spanish waters in the afternoon to enjoying a breeze in Australia’s beaches, it doesn’t get any better than creating memories you will carry with you through years of college and adult life.

Guest Author: Beverly Lerch is a young freelance writer and a great expert in education, self-improvement and motivation. She also works as a tutor at MyHomeworkDone. She has many various interests and cannot imagine her life without sport.