Travel with your cat

Growing up we are taught to strive for "success" - a great job, a high wage, get married, have kids and buy a house. Eager to reach this point of 'making it' many of us sometimes find ourselves caught in the endless cycle of routine, a 9 to 5 job, saving money and sometimes, living to work as opposed to working to live.

As human beings and animals on this planet - are we meant to sacrifice impulsive, liberated decisions and living in the "NOW" in the hope that we will one day provide ourselves and our families with financial security? It's the age old question. A common battle we fight each and every day. This couple's story however - proves that sometimes happiness can be found elsewhere.. such as in freedom, exploration and adventure. What do you think?

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"It started in 2007. For too long we had spent all of our weekends in front of the TV without ever doing anything productive or enjoyable. We realised this needed to change.”

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“Matt would look at the sailboats on the water and comment on how he’d like to try that someday”

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“He asked, ‘We can either get a piece of property or spend the money to get a sailboat, which do you think would be best?'” cat 3

“Eventually we decided… that we would rather spend our summers on the water”

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“We sold our house in June of 2011… when we realized we wanted to be gone for longer, possibly 4-5 years and go much further”

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“In July we both quit our jobs, sold our cars, and were ready to start the cruising life”

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The couple adopted their cat, Georgie, in 2012

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Georgie “does very well with the sailing and is more steady on her feet than we are”

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“I think that sailing the world has been great for our relationship”

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“There’s no walking away from an argument when one person gets mad at the other, you have to keep working together until the job is done”

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The cat “loves sitting on the deck and watching the fish over the side of the boat when we are at anchor”

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“We’d also been hearing stories from so many others that had been putting their dream on hold until retirement and for one reason or another until their dreams were no longer attainable”

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The couple “found out [Georgie] can swim when she jumped overboard in Grand Cayman”


“She swam around the back of the boat and climbed up the ladder”

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“Our lives were the typical American Dream. Go to school, get married, buy a house, start a career”

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“So far we’ve also left out the part of having 2.5 kids”

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“For too long we had spent all of our weekends in front of the TV without ever doing anything productive or enjoyable”

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“We never wanted that to be us”

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