Backpacking Tips

How to be a Backpacker in your own town...

We ALL want to travel! Let’s face it, the excitement of new places and activities can’t be described but maybe you can’t get the time off work, can’t quite afford the air fares or have a family and other responsibilities to contend with... well I’ve come across all of these above problems and Let me tell you... THERE IS A SOLUTION!!! Be a tourist in your own town!!!! It’s great! I promise!!!

And this is how you’re going to do it...

1. Set your alarm clock and get out of bed early!!

Make sure you have a good breakfast, pack anything you might need for the day and get an early start. The quicker you wake up, the more time you can have to explore!!

2. Grab a group of Friends!

Whichever way you look at it... whatever you’re doing it’s always more fun if you take your mates with ya! So take your bestie or a whole Group, the cool thing is that you’re not going far away so EVERYONE Can come along!

3. Take your camera!

Record your day out! Take photos of everyone and everything... be a cheesy tourist! And even if it’s something you’ve seen 10000 times before... take a picture!! It’s amazing how it would have changed 30 years later when you look back on it!

4. Visit the Local information centre

Talk to the local isite!! They will be helpful in reminding you Of what’s cool to do in your local area and what can be done cheaply or for free... There’s normally a “tourist route” which they will direct you on.

5. Go to that ‘CHEESY TOURIST’ activity that you always drive past but have never been to.

Every town has one. Enough said

6. Spend a couple of dollars and do something that scares you!

white water raft, bungee jump, skydive, sledge, zorb, swing, Luge, swim with sharks, race! If you ever thought something was too scary for you to do... nows the time to do it!!

7. Take public Transport

Today you are a tourist... No cars allowed! If you are used to driving then catching the bus can be an adventure in itself!

8. Go for a walk

Walk around town, through the park, wherever. Along a trail or explore your own route. You will be amazed at the hidden spots you will find along the way which you never new existed!!

9. Finish you day with your mates, a cold drink and some dinner!

Nothing tops off a great day better than good company, a few drinks and good food!!

Happy Travels